The Autumn Cup was an ice hockey competition in the United Kingdom between 1946 and 2000. The competition was originally known as the English Autumn Cup between 1946 and 1954 when it became the British Autumn Cup until 1960. The competition did not take place again until 1967 when it was resurrected as the Northern Autumn Cup before it again became a national competition in 1983. Following a series of major sponsorships during the 1980s it became known as simply the Autumn Cup in 1991 before a sponsorship deal with Benson & Hedges renamed it the Benson & Hedges Cup in 1982 until their association ended in 2001 and the Autumn Cup discontinued.

The competition was contested during the opening months of each season with preliminary round games taking up the majority of the early season schedule. From 1983 finals were played at a predetermined venue with Sheffield Arena becoming the sole venue in 1991. Between 1983 and 2000, all but three finals were settled in regulation time with the 1983, 1986 and 1999 finals going into overtime and the 1983 and 1999 final being settled on penalty shots.


English Autumn CupEdit

Year Winner Runner-up
1946 Brighton Tigers Wembley Monarchs
1947 Harringay Racers Streatham
1948 Wembley Monarchs Harringay Racers
1949 Harringay Racers Wembley Monarchs
1950 Brighton Tigers Streatham
1951 Streatham Nottingham Panthers
1952 Harringay Racers Streatham
1953 Streatham Brighton Tigers

British Autumn CupEdit

Year Winner Runner-up
1954 Harringay Racers Falkirk Lions
1955 Nottingham Panthers Paisley Pirates
1956 Brighton Tigers Harringay Racers
1957 Wembley Lions Harringay Racers
1958 Brighton Tigers Edinburgh Royals
1959 Streatham Brighton Tigers

Northern Autumn CupEdit

Year Winner Runner-up Score
1967 Paisley Mohawks
1968 Murrayfield Racers
1970 Murrayfield Racers
1971 Whitley Warriors
1972 Fife Flyers
1974 Murrayfield Racers
1975 Fife Flyers
1976 Fife Flyers
1977 Murrayfield Racers
1978 Fife Flyers Murrayfield Racers 15–8
1979 Murrayfield Racers Billingham Bombers 23–7
1980 Murrayfield Racers

Kohler Engines Autumn CupEdit

Year Winner Runner-up Score Venue
1983 Dundee Rockets Streatham Redskins 6-6
Rockets win on penalties</br>
Streatham Ice Rink

Bluecol Autumn CupEdit

Year Winner Runner-up Score Venue
1984 Durham Wasps Fife Flyers 6-4 Streatham Ice Rink

Norwich Union TrophyEdit

Year Winner Runner-up Score Venue
1985 Murrayfield Racers Durham Wasps 8-5 Murrayfield Ice Rink
1986 Nottingham Panthers Fife Flyers 5-4
After overtime</br>
National Exhibition Centre
1987 Durham Wasps Murrayfield Racers 11-5 Fife Ice Arena
1988 Durham Wasps Tayside Tigers 7-5 National Exhibition Centre
1989 Murrayfield Racers Durham Wasps 10-4 Basingstoke Ice Rink
1990 Durham Wasps Murrayfield Racers 12-6 Whitley Bay Ice Rink

Autumn CupEdit

Year Winner Runner-up Score Venue
1991 Nottingham Panthers Humberside Seahawks 7-5 Sheffield Arena

Benson & Hedges CupEdit

Year Winner Runner-up Score Venue
1992 Cardiff Devils Whitley Bay Warriors 10-4 Sheffield Arena
1993 Murrayfield Racers Cardiff Devils 6-2 Sheffield Arena
1994 Nottingham Panthers Cardiff Devils 7-2 Sheffield Arena
1995 Sheffield Steelers Nottingham Panthers 5-2 Sheffield Arena
1996 Nottingham Panthers Ayr Scottish Eagles 5-3 Sheffield Arena
1997 Ayr Scottish Eagles Cardiff Devils 2-1 Sheffield Arena
1998 Nottingham Panthers Ayr Scottish Eagles 2-1 Sheffield Arena
1999 Manchester Storm London Knights 3-3
Storm win on penalties</br>
Sheffield Arena
2000 Sheffield Steelers Newcastle Jesters 4-0 Sheffield Arena

Clubs by number of Autumn Cup titlesEdit

Club Number of Titles Runner-up Last title
Murrayfield Racers 9 3 1993
Nottingham Panthers 6 2 1998
Brighton Tigers 4 2 1958
Durham Wasps 4 2 1990
Fife Flyers 4 2 1978
Harringay Racers 4 3 1954
Streatham 3 3 1959
Sheffield Steelers 2 0 2000
Ayr Scottish Eagles 1 2 1997
Cardiff Devils 1 3 1993
Dundee Rockets 1 0 1983
Manchester Storm 1 0 1999
Paisley Mohawks 1 0 1967
Wembley Lions 1 0 1957
Wembley Monarchs 1 2 1948


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