The Austrian National Team represents Austria in international competitions.

Roster[edit | edit source]

Roster of the 2007 World Championship

Numero Name Team Birth place
31 Flag of Austria.jpg Bernd Brückler Blues Espoo Graz, Austria
38 Flag of Austria.jpg Reinhard Divis EHC Red Bulls Salzburg Vienna, Austria
66 Flag of Austria.jpg Patrick Machreich EHC Linz Austria
Numero Name Team Birth place
4 Flag of Austria.jpg Gerhard Unterluggauer HC innsbruck Austria
11 Flag of Austria.jpg Andre Lakos EHC Red Bulls Salzburg Austria
22 Flag of Austria.jpg Thomas Pfeffer EC Villacher SV Austria
25 Flag of Austria.jpg Jamie Mattie EC Graz 99ers Austria
27 Flag of Austria.jpg Jeremy Rebek KAC Klagenfurt Austria
32 Flag of Austria.jpg Philippe Lakos Vienna Capitals Austria
44 Flag of Austria.jpg Mike Stewart EC Villacher SV Austria
66 Flag of Austria.jpg Martin Ulrich EC Red Bulls Salzburg Austria
55 Flag of Austria.jpg Robert Lukas Vienna Capitals Austria
Numero Name Team Birth place
16 Flag of Austria.jpg Patrick Harand EHC Red Bulls Salzburg Austria
18 Flag of Austria.jpg Thomas Koch EHC Red Bulls Salzburg Austria
19 Flag of Austria.jpg Philipp Lukas EHC Linz Austria
20 Flag of Austria.jpg Daniel Welser Skelleftea AIK Austria
21 Flag of Austria.jpg Mattias Trattnig EC Red Bulls Salzburg Austria
34 Flag of Austria.jpg Markus Peintner EC Villacher SV Austria
36 Flag of Austria.jpg Marco Pewal EC Villacher SV Austria
45 Flag of Austria.jpg David Schuller Vienna Capitals Austria
54 Flag of Austria.jpg Raimund Divis EHC Linz Austria
67 Flag of Austria.jpg Gregor Baumgartner EHC Linz Austria
74 Flag of Austria.jpg Dieter Kalt EHC Red Bulls Salzburg Austria
91 Flag of Austria.jpg Oliver Setzinger Vienna Capitals Austria

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