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Asheville Aces
City: Asheville, North Carolina, United States
League: SPHL
Founded: 2004
Home Arena: Asheville Civic Center
Colors: Blue, Green, Silver, White
Owner(s): An Ownership group comprised of 6 people
Head Coach: Jeff Brubaker
Captain: Peter Bournazakis

The Asheville Aces were a Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) team in Asheville, North Carolina, United States. The team, which suffered limited success and low attendance, lasted only one year before disbanding.

Franchise History

The Asheville Aces were established in the summer preceding the 2004-05 Season. The city of Asheville was perceived as a strong candidate for minor league in spite of the limited success and subsequent demise of the Asheville Smoke which lasted from 1998 - 2002. Florida real estate investor David Waronker, representing the SPHL began lobbying the city for rights to form a team. Meanwhile John Cherney, the founder and first president of the South East Hockey League (SEHL) also attempted to establish an SEHL team in the city. Concerned with the financial viability of a team in the municipally-owned Asheville Civic Center, officials from the city of Asheville insisted that if a team was to play in the facility, it be part of a league that comprised at least six other teams. The SEHL at that time had only four teams. The SPHL had three teams in Jacksonville, FL (Barracudas), Orlando, FL (Seals) and Macon, GA (Trax) and promised more expansion teams were waiting to be announced until the 6th team came aboard. The city agreed and by the beginning of the 2004-05 season, the Asheville Aces were officially one of nine teams in the SPHL. Orlando's lease was revoked before the start of the season but this still left the SPHL with eight teams.