Arne Bakker (18 February 1930 – 9 October 2009) was a Norwegian footballer, ice hockey and bandy player.

He was born in Bærum.[1] He started his career in Fossum IF, joined Stabæk IF in 1946 and Asker SK in 1949.[2] Here he played at the highest level of Norwegian football. His team became runner-up in the Norwegian football cup of 1951.[3] He played 54 matches for national football team of Norway.[1]

Bakker represented Stabæk IF in the bandy sport. The team became Norwegian champions in 1952, 1953 and 1955, and Bakker represented Norway 20 times. He also played ice hockey for Stabæk IF and Jar IL,[3] and also practiced ski jumping and track and field. In 1961 he received Egeberg's Honorary Award for achievement in multiple sports.[2] He is the only footballer/bandy player to date to receive the award.[3] In 1997 he became an honorary member of Stabæk.[2]

Bakker coached Asker's football team in 1962 and 1963, and later Stabæk. His professional life was spent working for Norsk Hydro. He died in October 2009,[3] having lived at Jar his whole life

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