Allan Cup Hockey West

Allan Cup Hockey West (known as the Chinook Hockey League until the summer of 2017) is a Canadian Senior ice hockey league based in Alberta, but includes teams from other provinces. The ChHL is one of two Allan Cup eligible ice hockey leagues currently operating in Canada, the other is Ontario's Allan Cup Hockey.  All teams in the league are registers as senior AAA (or Allan Cup eligible) for 2017-18.

In the past the league has been made up of some intermediate teams and the intermediate teams would play in the provincial intermediate playoffs and try to qualify for a berth in the Western Canada Intermediate Playoffs for the Edmonton Journal Trophy and a birth in the Hardy Cup final.  The Hardy Cup was contested from 1968 to 1990.  Four of the league champions won the provincial playoffs to advance to the Western Canada Intermediate Playoffs

Chinook Hockey League

Logo as Chinook Hockey League

The league champion traditionally plays the champion of the province of British Columbia in the McKenzie Cup for a birth in the Allan Cup as the Pacific Region representative in the tournament as the league has had the only Senior AAA registered teams in the province, so the league playoffs are the de facto provincial playoffs.  The McKenzie Cup is not held when the event is held in either Alberta or British Columbia (or there is no competing team in British Columbia, as the case is in 2015, when the Powell River Regals were the only team in BC and withdrew from the tournament on January 1, 2015). For the 2015-16 season the league received interest from the previously independent Rosetown Red Wings from Saskatchewan.  The team was added to the league schedule. However the team withdrew from the league prior to the starting of the season (and after the schedule was written).  The Okotoks Drillers had previously notified the league that they were taking a leave for the 2015-16 season.


In late May 2016 the Bentley Generals announced they were relocating to Lacombe, Alberta and would be renamed the Lacombe Generals.

The Rosetown Red Wings were approved by Hockey Canada to join the CHL for the 2016-17 season.  However, the team played in the 2017 Saskatchewan Senior AAA playdowns (played in Rathgaber Cup against the 2017 Manitoba Senior AAA Hockey Playoffs champion) instead of the 2017 Alberta Senior AAA playdowns (the CHL playoffs) for a berth in the 2017 Allan Cup as Saskatchewan in in the Western Region where as Alberta is in the Pacific Region.


The league would be renamed Allan Cup Hockey West during the 2017 off season.  For this season the league would hold playoffs seperate of the provincial playdowns as the Rosetown Red Wings were participating in the league playoffs.  The top three teams would play a single elimination playoff over two days. The semifinal matched up the two and three seeds at the second seeds arena and the winner would play the next night against the one seed in the one seeds arena.


The Lacombe Generals were named host of the 2019 Allan Cup.  Due to no teams from Quebec participating at the Senior AAA level for 2018-19 the province will be guaranteed a second spot in the tournament.  A provincial playoff will be held separate of the league playoffs again as Rosetown has indicated they will participate in the league playoffs.  The team that wins the provincial championship or the finalist is Lacombe wins the championship will advance to the Allan Cup tournament.  Traditionally, the provincial champion would have to play the British Columbia champions for the McKenzie Cup and a spot in the Allan Cup but both provinces are guaranteed spots in the tournament this year so no inter-province championship will be played.


On May 10, 2019 the Rosetown Redwings announced they would be departing from the league.[1] This has put the survival of the league into question as the league will be down to three teams for the 2019-20 season.[2]

Present TeamsEdit

Team Centre Arena
Innisfail Eagles Innisfail Innisfail Twin Arena
Lacombe Generals Lacombe Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex
Stony Plain Eagles Stony Plain Glenn Hall Centennial Arena

Timeline of teamsEdit


  • 1956 Stettler Imperials
  • 1957 Red Deer Monarchs
  • 1958 Didsbury Ramblers
  • 1959 Didsbury Ramblers
  • 1960 Olds B's (Team later known as Olds Elks after semi-pro team of same name folded)
  • 1961 Red Deer Montgomery V's
  • 1962 Olds B's
  • 1963 Innisfail Eagles
  • 1964 Carstairs Colts
  • 1965 Olds B's
  • 1966 Didsbury Ramblers
  • 1967 Didsbury Ramblers
  • 1968 Carstairs Colts
  • 1969 Didsbury Ramblers
  • 1970 Rocky Rams
  • 1971 Didsbury Ramblers
  • 1972 Innisfail Eagles
  • 1973 Okotoks Oilers
  • 1974 Old Elks
  • 1975 Red Deer Roadrunners
  • 1976 Old Elks
  • 1977 Old Elks
  • 1978 Red Deer Border Pavers
  • 1979 Innisfail Eagles
  • 1980 Innisfail Eagles
  • 1981 Innisfail Eagles
  • 1982 Lacombe Merchants
  • 1983 Innisfail Eagles*
  • 1984 Innisfail Eagles
  • 1985 Innisfail Eagles
  • 1986 Stettler Sabres
  • 1987 Eckville Eagles
  • 1988 Ponoka Stampeders
  • 1989 Paul Band Black Hawks*
  • 1990 No winner decided. (Paul Band competed in the Hardy Cup with the final never played between Paul Band and Stony Plain)
  • 1991 Paul Band Black Hawks
  • 1992 Olds Elks
  • 1993 Innisfail Eagles
  • 1994 Bashaw Stars
  • 1995 Millet Thunder
  • 1996 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 1997 Millet Thunder
  • 1998 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 1999 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 2000 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 2001 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 2002 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 2003 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 2004 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 2005 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 2006 Fort Hotel Chiefs
  • 2007 Bentley Generals
  • 2008 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 2009 Bentley Generals
  • 2010 Bentley Generals
  • 2011 Bentley Generals
  • 2012 Stony Plain Eagles
  • 2013 Bentley Generals
  • 2014 Bentley Generals
  • 2015 Bentley Generals
  • 2016 Bentley Generals
  • 2017 Lacombe Generals
  • 2018 Lacombe Generals
  • 2019 Lacombe Generals

Provincial Intermediate ChampionsEdit


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