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The Allan Cup was donated by Sir Montagu Allan in 1908. It is awarded to the Senior/Senior AAA amateur men's hockey champions of Canada.

Until 1918-19 this was a challenge cup, which accounts for some multiple winners in the early seasons.

The tournament then used a East-West format until 1991 where the Eastern champion would meet the Western champion.

Since 1992, the tournament has been a round robin tournament involving a host team and anywhere from 3 to 5 other regional qualifiers.

Regional tournamentsEdit

  • Bolton Cup - Atlantic Canada Championship - formerly Eastern Canada Championship (until 2004)
  • McKenzie Cup - Pacific Canada Championship
  • Rathgaber Cup - Manitoba/Saskatchewan Championship
  • Renwick Cup - Central Canada Championship
  • Patton Cup - Western Canada Championship (1953-1991)

Possible Format ChangeEdit

The format is under review for the 2019 tournament which would be hosted by a team from Alberta under the present format but proposals have been put forth by Ontario's Allan Cup Hockey and Alberta's Allan Cup Hockey West  to Hockey Canada to modify the format for the tournament.  Speculation is that apparently the tournament would be a return to an East-West format with a two team best-of-series, modification of qualifying to create fewer spots in the Allan Cup tournament to possibly four teams or having the ACH and ACHW champions directily qualifying for the tournament.

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