The All-Japan Championship (Japanese: 全日本アイスホッケー選手権大会) is an annual ice hockey tournament played in Japan. Any team from Japan can register to participate, as long as it is member of the Japanese Ice Hockey Federation; it therefore means that teams ranging from professional Asia League to amateur university teams can, and do, enter the tournament. There exist, however, some limitations regarding to the number of participating teams from a given league or region.

The Championship exists since 1930 and has been held every year ever since, except during World War II (1944-1946 inclusively) and 1993. The venue of the tournament periodically changes.

There also exists an equivalent of this tournament for women: the All-Japan Women's Championship.


Flag of Japan All-Japan Championship champions
# Year Venue Champion team Notes
11930NikkōKeiō University
21931NaganoManchukuo Medical University
31932HachinoheTomakomai Ōji
41933NikkōWaseda University
51934TōkyōKeiō University
61935TōkyōTomakomai Ōji
71936TōkyōWaseda University
81937TōkyōRikkyō University
91938SapporoWaseda University
101939TōkyōRikkyō University
111940TōkyōMeiji University
121941TōkyōMeiji University
131942HachinoheTeam Kantō
141943GunmaTeam Manchukuo
151947HachinoheOji Eagles
161948MoriokaHachinohe White Bears
171949Nagano-Championship cancelled due to warm climate
181950TomakomaiTomakomai Paper
191951NikkōTomakomai Paper
201952TōkyōTomakomai Paper
211953NikkōFurukawa Electric
221954NikkōOji Eagles
231955ŌsakaOji Eagles
241956NagoyaOji Eagles
251957ŌsakaOji EaglesIwakura Corp.Two champions
261958NagoyaOji Eagles
271959NikkōTōkyōFurukawa Electric
281960FukuokaFurukawa Electric
291961TomakomaiIwakura Corp.
301962NikkōFurukawa Electric
311963TōkyōIwakura Corp.
321964TōkyōOji Eagles
331965TōkyōIwakura Corp.
341966TomakomaiOji Eagles
351967TōkyōIwakura Corp.
361968TōkyōOji Eagles
371969TōkyōOji Eagles
381970TōkyōSeibu Railways Ice Hockey Club
391971TōkyōSeibu Railways Ice Hockey Club
401972TōkyōSeibu Railways Ice Hockey Club
411973TōkyōOji Eagles
421974TōkyōSeibu Railways Ice Hockey Club
431975TōkyōKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club
441976SapporoOji Eagles
451977TōkyōOji Eagles
461978TōkyōSeibu Railways Ice Hockey Club
471979TōkyōSeibu Railways Ice Hockey Club
481980TōkyōOji Eagles
491981TōkyōOji Eagles
501982TōkyōKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club
511983TōkyōOji Eagles
521984TōkyōOji Eagles
531985TōkyōOji Eagles
541986TōkyōOji Eagles
551987TōkyōOji Eagles
561988TōkyōKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club
571989TōkyōOji Eagles
581990TōkyōKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club
591991TomakomaiSapporoOji Eagles
601992TōkyōOji Eagles
611994SapporoOji Eagles
621995TōkyōOji Eagles
631996SapporoOji Eagles
641997NaganoKokudo Ice Hockey Club
651998TomakomaiKokudo Ice Hockey Club
661999TōkyōKokudo Ice Hockey Club
672000TōkyōOji Eagles
682001SapporoSeibu Railways Ice Hockey Club
692002TōkyōOji Eagles
702003SapporoKokudo Ice Hockey Club
712004SapporoKokudo Ice Hockey Club
722005NaganoOji Eagles
732006SapporoNippon Paper Cranes
742007HachinoheNippon Paper Cranes
752008KushiroSeibu Prince Rabbits
762009TōkyōSeibu Prince Rabbits
772010TomakomaiNippon Paper Cranes
Flag of Japan
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