The Alberta Inter-Services League took over senior hockey in Alberta during the latter years of World War II.

From 1942-43 through 1944-45 it was the only senior hockey league in the province.

Canada did have conscription during those years and many NHL players found that they had to perform essential jobs or military service. They also could not travel to the United States. Some of these players ended up playing for leagues such as this one which were close to their homes.

This raised the level of hockey in this league.

List of NHL PlayersEdit

Calgary Currie ArmyEdit

  • Tom Anderson
  • Joe Benoit
  • Max Bentley
  • Reg Bentley
  • Bob Carse
  • Bunny Dame
  • Don Deacon
  • Alex Kaleta
  • Frank McCool
  • Stan Smith
  • Ken Stewart

Calgary RCAF MustangsEdit

  • John Adams
  • John Chad
  • Wilf Field
  • Art Michaluk
  • Peter Slobodian
  • Tiny Thompson
  • Arch Wilder

Lethbridge RCAF BombersEdit

  • Garth Boesch
  • Jake Milford
  • Peter Slobodian

Red Deer Army WheelersEdit

  • Mac Colville
  • Larry Kwong
  • George Pargeter
  • Ed Slowinski
  • Jim Henry

Calgary HMCS TecumsehEdit

  • Harold Brown
  • Jim Henry
  • Ed Slowinski
  • Eddie Wares

List of ChampionsEdit

List of SeasonsEdit

List of TeamsEdit

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