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Alaska is an American state that lies in the northwest extremity of the North American continent. Nevada has 17 boroughs and a total population around 684,000 and is 663,268 square miles making Alaska the nation's 47th most populous and the largest state in the US. The state name derives from the Aleut "alaxsxaq" meaning "the mainland."

State Financial Issues

News media (KTVA channel 11 Anchorage)  has published reports that the Alaska Aces are considering folding or relocating after the 2016-17 season possibly ending the teams nearly 30 year existence in Anchorage and the Sullivan Arena

The state's two NCAA Division I men's hockey teams were also facing uncertain futures going into the future as state budget issues put both programs were on the chopping block, but were spared when funding was cut to other athletic teams at the schools. 

The Kenai River Brown Bears have also been rumored to be facing folding after the 2016-17 season as the team has been reported to be heavily losing money over the past few years.

Travel expenses have long been a major issue for teams based out of Alaska, who usually have to help offset the visiting team's traveling expenses.








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