Adrienne Clarkson is a former Governor-General of Canada serving as the 26th person to hold the position from October 7, 1999 to September 27, 2005.  She was born February 10, 1939 in British Hong Kong. She arrived in Canada in 1941 as a refugee from Japanese occupied Hong Kong.  She was raised in Ottawa.

Her main legacy involving the sport of ice hockey is the creation of the Clarkson Cup which was brought about by the NHL Lockout of 2004-05.  Susan Fennell, the Commissioner of the National Women's Hockey League (and also Mayor of Brampton) first proposed the idea of a Canadian national championship for wonen in ice hockey and turned to the past for an inspiration for the name of the award, the Stanley Cup was donated by the then Governor-General Lord Stanley of Preston. She worked with the current Governor-General to create the trophy working with Clarkson.

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