Adelard Henry "Adie, Del" Lafrance (January 13, 1912 – 1995) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He played three games in the National Hockey League for the Montreal Canadiens but most of his career was spent in minor professional leagues.

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Born in Chapleau, Ontario in 1912, Lafrance joined the Sudbury St. Louis of the Nickel Belt Hockey League in 1929–30. The following season he moved to the Sudbury Cub Wolves in time for the playoffs and Memorial Cup play. The following season he split between the St. Louis and the Wolves, and played in Memorial Cup and Allan Cup playoffs. That season, 1931–32, the Wolves were the Memorial Cup champions. He played one final season for the Wolves before joining the senior Falconbridge Falcons in 1933–34.

In March 1934, he joined the Montreal Canadiens and played three games in the season and two in the playoffs without scoring a goal. The following season he was with the Quebec Castors of the Can-Am league. He played one season for Quebec before joining the Springfield Indians for four seasons. He left competitive hockey after the 1938–29 season and he returned to Sudbury.

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