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2nd Bundesliga
ESBG logo.jpg
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1973
No. of teams 14
Country(ies) Flag of GermanyGermany
Most recent champion(s) Bietigheim Steelers
Official website Official ESBG website

The 2nd Eishockey-Bundesliga was the second tier of ice hockey in Germany Until 2013. It was organised by the DEB, the German Ice Hockey Federation. In 2013, it was replaced by the DEL2.

History of the 2nd Ice Hockey Bundesliga

The league was first introduced in the 1973-74 season as the second tier of German ice hockey, the level below the Ice hockey Bundesliga.

History up until 1994

  • From 1973-74 up until 1980-81 the league operated as the single-conference 2nd Bundesliga
  • In the 1981-82 season, it was divided into two conferences: 2nd Bundesliga Süd (southern division) and 2nd Bundesliga Nord (northern division)
  • For the 1982-83 season, it returned to a single-conference league due to a lack of clubs intresstet in playing in the league
  • Starting from the 1983-84 season until 1991-92, it was divided into the 2nd Bundesliga Süd and Nord again, with the top four clubs from each league meeting the bottom two Bundesliga clubs for a promotion round for two places in the Bundesliga
  • In the seasons 1992-93 and 1993-94, the league operated as one single division again

From 1994

The large number of insolvencies of second division clubs in 1994 was the reason for the abolition of the 2nd Bundesliga and the introduction of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga with 18 teams, without promotion and relegation. A number of top clubs from the second division were admitted to the DEL.

Below the former 2nd Bundesliga, the Oberliga now became the highest league still under control of the DEB. The Oberliga was however renamed 1st Liga for the next couple of seasons, until returning to its old name.

From 1998

As the highest single-division for the DEB, a new league was formed in 1998, receiving the name "Bundesliga". The decision to name the new league "Bundesliga" led to conflicts between the Deutschen Eishockey-Bund and the Deutsche Eishockey Liga, since the DEL was of the opinion that it owned the right to call itselve Bundesliga, being the highest league in the country. For this reason, the DEL logo also carries the name 1st Bundesliga in smaller letters below. Eventually, a compromise was reached, naming the new league 2nd Bundesliga instead.

From 1999

Since 1999, the league became the 2nd Bundesliga again, which is organized today by the Eishockeyspielbetriebsgesellschaft (ESBG). As in the DEL, the clubs must undergo a strict financial examination.

Despite this fact, some clubs still found themslves in financial difficulties throughout the season and had to withdraw, like the EC Bad Nauheim in the past. The Moskitos Essen and Eisbären Regensburg both declared bankruptcy on 15 April 2008, being unable to meet their debts. Both clubs were immediately relegated from the 2nd Bundesliga. Due to the structure of the 2nd Bundesliga, where all teams playing are separate companies operated by the mother club, the insolvency of one of those does not mean the club itselve becomes insolvent.

In the 2008-09 season, the Tölzer Löwen had to declare insolvency and, despite coming second in the league, were relegated. Because the Füchse Duisburg had to return their DEL licence, the champion of the 2nd Bundesliga has the option of promotion to the DEL this season.

Promotion and relegation

In November 2007, the DEL has introduced promotion to the league once more. The teams placed 15th and 16th in the DEL will play a best-of-seven series to determined which club faces the 2nd Bundesliga champion for a place in the league. There is however an ongoing dispute about those games as second division clubs can only have five foreign players on contract and therefore face a handicap in comparison to the DEL clubs with currently twelve. For now, the ESBG has declared that no club from the 2nd Bundesliga would take part in these matches and therefore no promotion/relegation with the DEL will take place.

The two bottom teams in the 2nd Bundesliga are relegated to the Oberliga and the top-two Oberliga teams promoted to this league.

League champions

Season Champion
1973-74 ESV Kaufbeuren
1974-75 EV Rosenheim
1975-76 Augsburger EV
1976-77 ESV Kaufbeuren
1977-78 Augsburger EV
1979-80 ESV Kaufbeuren
1980-81 ERC Freiburg
Season South North Championship Round
1981-82 EHC 70 München Duisburger SC EHC Essen
Season Regular Season Promotion Round
1982-83 ERC Freiburg ERC Freiburg
Season South North Promotion round
1983-84 SV Bayreuth Preussen Berlin ECD Iserlohn *
1984-85 SV Bayreuth Preussen Berlin SC Riessersee *
1985-86 Augsburger EV Preussen Berlin Eintracht Frankfurt
1986-87 EHC Freiburg Preussen Berlin Preussen Berlin
1987-88 EHC Freiburg Krefelder EV Preussen Berlin *
1988-89 SV Bayreuth Krefelder EV EHC Freiburg *
1989-90 SV Bayreuth ECD Sauerland EV Landshut *
1990-91 EHC Nürnberg ECD Sauerland ESV Kaufbeuren *
1991-92 Augsburger EV EC Kassel Dynamo Berlin
  • * denotes Bundesliga club taking part in the promotion round
Season Regular Season Play-Offs
1992-93 Augsburger EV SB Rosenheim
1993-94 Augsburger EV Augsburger EV
1998-99 ESC Moskitos Essen ESC Moskitos Essen
1999-2000 Düsseldorfer EG Düsseldorfer EG
2000-01 ERC Ingolstadt ERC Ingolstadt
2001-02 ERC Ingolstadt REV Bremerhaven
2002-03 SC Bietigheim-Bissingen EHC Freiburg
2003-04 EHC Wolfsburg EHC Wolfsburg
2004-05 EHC Straubing EV Duisburg
2005-06 REV Bremerhaven EHC Straubing
2006-07 Kassel Huskies EHC Wolfsburg
2007-08 Kassel Huskies Kassel Huskies
2008-09 SC Bietigheim-Bissingen SC Bietigheim-Bissingen

Placings in the 2nd Bundesliga 1999 to 2009

Club 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Ingolstadt Panther 13 2 1 1 DEL DEL DEL DEL DEL DEL DEL
EV Duisburg 14 9 5 2 DEL DEL DEL DEL
Straubing Tigers 10 9 8 3 1 5 DEL DEL DEL
EHC Wolfsburg 6 7 1 DEL 8 2 DEL DEL
Landshut Cannibals DEL 4 4 6 2 5 2 5
Heilbronner Falken 10 9 2 4 5 9 3 3
Schwenninger Wild Wings DEL DEL DEL DEL DEL 8 4 6 4 4 8
SC Riessersee 8 11 6 13 3 14 5 10
Moskitos Essen 1 DEL DEL DEL 10 14 8 6 2
SC Bietigheim-Bissingen 8 4 3 1 6 8 3 9 7 1
ETC Crimmitschau 5 15 10 11 12 8 12
EHC München 11 6 9 2
Eisbären Regensburg 12 10 7 3 4 7 10 2
EV Ravensburg 11 4
REV Bremerhaven 5 2 12 5 1 3 12 9
Lausitzer Füchse 15 12 9 8 14 7 13 13 13 6
EV Landsberg 10 14
Dresdner Eislöwen 7 11 11
ESV Kaufbeuren 13 11 13 9 14
Freiburger Wölfe 5 3 8 10 6 DEL 9 10 7
Tölzer Löwen 9 4 3 7 11 12 12 12 13 1
1. EV Weiden 13 14
Rote Teufel Bad Nauheim 2 5 11 11 2 2 2
EC Wilhelmshaven 10 7 2
Erding Jets 11 12
Hamburg Crocodiles 14 7 3
EHC Harz-Braunlage 7 13
Grefrather EV 16 14
EHC Neuwied 12 15
GEC Nordhorn 4 16
Colour Result
Gold Champion
Silver Finalist
Green Semi finalist
Blue 1st round
Purple Preliminary round
White not qualified for play-offs
DEL denotes club played in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (I)
  • 1 The Tölzer Löwen finished second in the regular season but due to having to declare insolvency they were relegated to the last place in the standings.
  • 2 Team withdrew to from the league because of financial reasons.
  • 3 The Hamburg Crocodiles withdrew to the Oberliga after the 1999-2000 season.

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