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This is the 2020 Doyle Cup championship to determine the Alberta/British Columbia Junior A Championship. The winner moves on to the 2020 National Junior A Championship.

The Doyle Cup made its return in 2018 after being abandoned after the 2012 tournament (along with the Anavet Cup) in favor of the Western Canada Cup which included the champions of the four western provinces and gave two bids to the Royal Bank Cup. It was announced prior to the 2017 WCC that the WCC was being abandoned due to cost concerns among the four participating leagues and the format would revert to the pre-2013 format of the AJHL and BCHL champions meeting for the Doyle Cup and the Pacific region spot in the Royal Bank Cup and the SJHL and MJHL champions meeting for the Anavet Cup and the Western region spot in the 2020 National Junior A Championship which is being held at Stride Place in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba hosted by the Portage Terriers of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League.

Suspending of PlayEdit

The Canadian Junior Hockey League announced Thursday that effective Friday, March 13, all games and hockey-related activity involving its member clubs have been cancelled, until further notice, due to the continued threat of the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic as well as potential exposure and contamination of its players, team staff members, on and off-ice officials, volunteers and fans.[1]


  • TBD (AJHL Champions)
  • TBD (BCHL Champions)


  2020 Doyle Cup

Schedule/Game ResultsEdit

Schedule for games 3 and 5 are to be determined based upon results of first two games. If the same team wins games 1 and two then the series shifts to Alberta for game 3 on, if the first two games are split then the series stays in BC for one more game.

Game Visitors Goals Home Team Goals Date
1 AJHL BCHL April 24
2 AJHL BCHL April 25
3 AJHL or BCHL BCHL or AJHL April 26 or 28
4 BCHL AJHL April 29
5 BCHL AJHL April 30 or May 1


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