This is the 2020-21 Ligue de Hockey Cote-Sud season. This is the league's ninth season.

Based on an August 30th release, the league was planning a schedule beginning on October 30th with either 14 or 16 games depending on the number of teams involved with the season ending February 7th. The league is unable to play until phase 6 of the province's re-opening plan is in effect. The province is in phase 5 as of late September. Social distancing requirements will likely mean a maximum of 250 spectators at league games for the season.[1] All teams appear to be returning but the La Pocatiere Seigneurs and St-Pascal Imperial were holding off on confirming if they will be able to play. A date of September 11th was given as a cut off date for their decisions. As of September 25th no update has been given on the league website.

On December 1st the league announced it was cancelling the 2020-21 playing season.[2]

Participating teams[edit | edit source]

Team Centre Arena
La Pocatiere Seigneurs La Pocatiere Centre Bombardier
Lotbinière Mercenaires Lotbinière Centre récréatif Saint-Gilles
Montmagny Decor Mercier Montmagny Aréna de Montmagny
St-Charles Eperviers Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse Aréna St-Charles
St-Damien Plastiques Moore St-Damien Aréna J.E. Métivier
St-Joseph Familiprix St-Joseph-de-Beauce Arena de Saint-Joseph
St-Pascal Imperial Saint-Pascal Centre sportif de Saint-Pascal
St. Jean-Port-Joli Pavage Jirico St-Jean-Port-Joli Centre Rousseau
Sainte-Marie Giovannina Sainte-Marie Aréna de Sainte-Marie
Trois-Pistoles CIEL-FM Trois Pistoles Aréna Bertrand-Lepage
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