This is the 2019-20 Western States Hockey League season. This is the league's 26th season.

Cancelling the season[edit | edit source]

The league issued the following statement on March 12th:

"As of 10:00 pm Wednesday March 11, in follow-up to our initial decision based totally on player, staff, spectator, community safety, the WSHL Executive Committee with the approval of the Board of Governors meeting which has taken place at 11:00am Thursday March 12 has terminated the 2019-2020 season, including the league Championship Event – the Thorne Cup."[1]

Membership Changes[edit | edit source]

The Cheyenne Stampede announced they would be sitting out the 2019-20 season as part of a lease dispute.

The Casper Bobcats ceased operations.

The Pueblo Bulls were announced as being added to the league for the 2019-20 season. The team will be based out of the Pueblo Ice Arena in Pueblo, Colorado.[2]

The Las Vegas Thunderbirds were announced as an expansion team for 2019-20.[3] The team will be based out of the SoBe Ice Arena, in the Fiesta Rancho Hotel and Casino.

The Slave Lake Icedogs were also announced as an expansion team for 2019-20. They would join the Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League prior to the start of the 2019-20 season.

The Long Beach Bombers were renamed the Long Beach Jets after being sold during the 2019 off-season. The team would later withdraw.

The Hinton Timberwolves were announced as an expansion team for 2019-20. They basically replaced the Hinton Wildcats when the town of Hinton, Alberta would not renew the team's lease.

An expansion team was awarded to Barrhead, Alberta for the 2019-20 season to be based out of the Barrhead Agrena.[4] The team is owned by the former owner of the Long Beach Bombers and the new team is named the Barrhead Bombers.

On June 13, 2019 it was announced that the Western Provinces Hockey Association teams that had been previously affiliated with the Western States Hockey League for the 2018-19 season would become affiliated with the GMHL and form the GMHL's Western Division.[5][6] By early July the WSHL had two teams, the Edson Aeros and Meadow Lake Mustangs that had opted stay with the WSHL and announced the formation of new teams in Cold Lake (Cold Lake Hornets) [7] and Hinton, Alberta[8][9] (Hinton Timberwolves), The previous teams in those towns, the Cold Lake Wings and Hinton Wildcats, apparently left a trail of unpaid bills prior to joining the Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League. [10]

The Ontario Avalanche move to the The Rinks-Anaheim Ice from the Center Ice Arena.[11]

Over the American Thanksgiving holiday the league removed the Steamboat Wranglers and the West Sound Admirals from league play citing low roster numbers and player safety.[12]

The league assumed operations of the Oklahoma City Blazers on January 1, 2020.[13] The team would be dissolved once the season was cancelled.

In late January the league removed the Meadow Lake Mustangs from the league.[14]

On March 8th, due the the outbreak of COVID-19 in Washington state the Seattle Totems and Bellingham Blazers announced they would be cancelling the balance of the two teams games and would be vacating their playoff positions.[15]

On April 17, 2020 the Anaheim Avalanche, Fresno Monsters, Las Vegas Thunderbirds, Northern Colorado Eagles, Pueblo Bulls, San Diego Sabers, Southern Oregon Spartans, and Utah Outliers were announced as joining the United States Premier Hockey League's Premier League for the 2020-21 season.[16] On April 21st the Ogden Mustangs were announced as joining them.[17] Both announcements indicated that more announcements on teams from the west coast would be coming shortly.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Division Team City Arena Joined
Dallas Snipers Plano, Texas Plano Star Center 2011
El Paso Rhinos El Paso, Texas Sierra Providence Event Center 2006
Northern Colorado Eagles Greeley, Colorado Greeley Ice Haus 2013
Oklahoma City Blazers Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Arctic Edge Ice Arena 2014
Pueblo Bulls Pueblo, Colorado Pueblo Ice Arena 2019
Steamboat Wranglers Steamboat Springs, Colorado Howelsen Arena 2015
Wichita Jr. Thunder Wichita, Kansas Wichita Ice Center 2012
Northwest Bellingham Blazers Bellingham, Washington Bellingham Sportsplex 2016
Ogden Mustangs Ogden, Utah The Ice Sheet 2002
Seattle Totems Mountlake Terrace, Washington Olympic View Arena 2012
Southern Oregon Spartans Medford, Oregon The RRRink 2012
Utah Outliers West Valley City, Utah Acord Ice Center 2011
West Sound Admirals Bremerton, Washington Bremerton Ice Center 2018
Barrhead Bombers Barrhead, Alberta Barrhead Agrena 2019
Cold Lake Hornets Cold Lake, Alberta Imperial Oil Place at Cold Lake Energy Centre 2019
Edson Aeros Edson, Alberta Repsol Place 2018
Hinton Timberwolves Hinton, Alberta Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre 2018
Meadow Lake Mustangs Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan Meadow Lake & District Arena 2018
Fresno Monsters Fresno, California Gateway Ice Center 2009
Long Beach Jets Lakewood, California Lakewood Ice 1994
Las Vegas Thunderbirds Las Vegas, Nevada SoBe Ice Arena 2019
Ontario Avalanche Ontario, California The Rinks-Anaheim Ice 2012
San Diego Sabers Escondido, California Iceoplex Escondido 2001
Valencia Flyers Valencia, California Ice Station Valencia 2001

Note: The Steamboat Wranglers and West Sound Admirals were removed from the schedule during the American Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The Meadow Lake Mustangs were removed in late January.

Standings[edit | edit source]

Midwest Division[edit | edit source]

El Paso Rhinos 51 43 4 2 2 294 80 135
Northern Colorado Eagles 51 30 13 4 4 201 136 102
Pueblo Bulls 51 25 13 7 6 270 149 95
Dallas Snipers 51 23 15 7 6 197 140 89
Oklahoma City Blazers 51 20 26 1 4 192 179 66
Wichita Jr. Thunder 51 6 40 3 2 113 397 26
Steamboat Wranglers 19 0 19 0 0 27 191 0

Note:Steamboat was removed from the league over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. League records credit them with one addition additional forfeit loss this is their actual playing record.

Western Division[edit | edit source]

Fresno Monsters 51 34 13 2 2 294 141 108
San Diego Sabers 51 31 18 1 1 180 145 96
Las Vegas Thunderbirds 51 26 22 2 1 194 146 83
Ontario Avalanche 51 25 21 1 4 205 176 81
Valencia Flyers 51 3 44 2 2 117 359 15

Northwest Division[edit | edit source]

Ogden Mustangs 51 46 3 1 1 340 74 141
Utah Outliers 51 36 11 2 2 290 86 114
Seattle Totems 49 21 24 3 1 164 172 70
Bellingham Blazers 48 17 26 3 2 157 232 59
Southern Oregon Spartans 50 6 41 2 1 101 361 23
West Sound Admirals 19 0 19 0 0 34 169 0

Note:West Sound was removed from the league over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Official league records add on six more forfeit losses. Above indicates their actual playing record

Provinces Division[edit | edit source]

Edson Aeros 47 44 3 0 0 313 77 132
Hinton Timberwolves 47 33 11 1 2 255 126 103
Barrhead Bombers 47 12 32 2 1 171 243 41
Cold Lake Wings 47 9 35 0 2 137 308 29
Meadow Lake Mustangs 28 8 19 0 0 92 196 24

Note: Meadow Lake was removed from the league late in January They would be credited with one additional forfeit loss. This is their actual playing record. 

Thorne Cup Playoffs[edit | edit source]

Playoffs Cancelled, along with balance of regular season on March 11th.

The 2020 Thorne Cup Finals was to be hosted by the Northern Colorado Eagles at the Greeley Ice Haus in Greeley, Colorado.

References[edit | edit source]

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