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*Feb 28: Corner Brook defeated Port-aux Basques 11-7
*Feb 28: Corner Brook defeated Port-aux Basques 11-7
*Feb 29: Deer Lake defeated Port-aux-Basques 5-4
*Feb 29: Deer Lake defeated Port-aux-Basques 5-4
*March 6: Port-aux-Basques at Corner Brook
*March 6: Corner Brook defeated Port-aux-Basques 3-1
*March 7: Corner Brook at Deer Lake
*March 7: Corner Brook at Deer Lake
* defeated 3 games to
* defeated [ 3 games to
* defeated 4 games to
* defeated 4 games to

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This is the 2019-20 Newfoundland West Coast Senior Hockey League season. This is the league's fourth season as a re-launched league after having last played during the 2010-11 season.

There is a possibility that the league champion would be eligible to compete for the 2020 Herder Memorial Trophy.

League on Verge of Collapse

A January 10, 2020 game started a chain of events that has led to the league's survival being questioned.  Deer Lake Red Wings player Ryan Penney was given a series of penalties including two minutes for interference, a five minute major for slashing, a game misconduct as a result of the penalties he was recorded as receiving a match penalty which subjected him to supplemental discipline. He would receive an automatic one game suspension for the match penalty. The player would be assessed a three game suspension under the league's disciplinary protocol. The team appealed the suspension directly to Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador as opposed to the league. HNL convened a meeting a day and a half later and reduced the suspension to the one game already served. HNL would usually defer to the league's decision as it was a "league issue". The speed in which this occurred was a surprise to many as HNL has seemed to many to be dragging its feet on issues involving senior hockey in the province. As a result of the decision other members of the league have stated concerns over player safety and that this was the latest in an ongoing problem with Deer Lake players apparently being untouchable and using some questionable tactics during league games.[1]

Membership Changes

  • The Deer Lake Red Wings announced a return to the league after sitting out the 2018-19 season.
  • Both Deer Lake and Stephenville have both expressed concerns over having enough players to be able to play this year. If both teams are unable to ice a team it could lead to cancellation of the season.[2] The Stephenville Jets would later announce they didn't have enough players and would not be participating this season.[3]


Team Town Arena
Corner Brook Royals Corner Brook, NL Pepsi Centre
Deer Lake Red Wings Deer Lake, NL Hodder Memorial Centre
Port-aux-Basques Mariners Port-aux-Basques, NL Bruce II Sports Centre

Withdrew in the fall

Team Town Arena
Stephenville Jets Stephenville, NL Stephenville Dome


Due to several severe winter storms and issues within the league 3 games were not played from November 29th, February 7th and 8th.

Team GP W L OL GF GA Pts
Deer Lake Red Wings 11 9 2 0 77 47 18
Corner Brook Royals 10 5 4 1 63 51 11
Port-aux-Basques Mariners 9 1 8 0 36 79


Cliff Gorman Memorial Cup Playoffs

The league decided not to make up any of the games cancelled due to several severe storms hitting the area. The members opted for a double round robin semifinal and then a final series.


  • Feb 21: Deer Lake defeated Corner Brook 8-1
  • Feb 22: Deer Lake defeated Port-aux-Basques 1-0 (forfeit)
  • Feb 28: Corner Brook defeated Port-aux Basques 11-7
  • Feb 29: Deer Lake defeated Port-aux-Basques 5-4
  • March 6: Corner Brook defeated Port-aux-Basques 3-1
  • March 7: Corner Brook at Deer Lake


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