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Hockey Manitoba had the Champions of Manitoba’s 4 Senior A Leagues faceoff for the Manitoba Championship, the Manitoba Cup.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Carillon Senior Hockey League Ste. Anne Aces
North Central Hockey League Grandview Comets
South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League Carman Beavers
Tiger Hills Hockey League Gladstone Lakers

Tournament[edit | edit source]

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Round Robin Games
Grandview defeated Gladstone 1-0
Grandview defeated Ste. Anne 3-2
Carman defeated Gladstone 4-3
Ste. Anne defeated Carman 7-3
Ste. Anne defeated Gladstone 8-3
Carman defeated Grandview 8-4
Round Robin Standings
Ste. Anne Aces 3 2 1 17 9
Carman Beavers 3 2 1 15 14
Grandview Comets 3 2 1 8 10
Gladstone Lakers 3 0 3 6 13

Playoffs[edit | edit source]

Ste. Anne defeated Carman 5-3

Ste. Anne Aces won the Manitoba Senior A Championship

2018 Manitoba Cup champions Ste. Anne Aces.jpg
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