This is a list of the 2018-19 American Junior hockey season by leagues.

Announced New Leagues for 2018-19Edit

  • The proposed AAU Tier-I league was formally named the USA Central Hockey League. The league will be centered around the state of Texas. It is intended to launch in the fall of 2018.[2]

Former Leagues Folding after 2017-18 seasonEdit

The Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League folded May 22, 2018.[3]

Interleague transfersEdit

In April of 2018 the Steamboat Wranglers were announced as joining the Western States Hockey League. Another unnamed team was also reported to be joining the WSHL and that the RMJHL will likely fold within a few weeks.[4][5] The league's website would be gone by mid-May 2018.

The whole membership in the East Division of the North American 3 Hockey League would withdraw from the league and join the United States Premier Hockey League for the 2018-19 season. The Lansing Wolves, Metro Jets, Pittsburgh Vengeance, Southern Tier Xpress, Toledo Cherokee, and Wooster Oilers would all jump to the USPHL. When the Philadelphia Rebels of the North American Hockey League announced they were moving to Jamestown, New York, the Southern Tier Xpress announced they were relocating to Summit Township, Pennsylvania (near Erie, Pennsylvania) when they were sold to the owner of the Lake Erie Eagles of the Canadian Premier Junior Hockey League. The Eagles franchise was folded and replaced with the Lake Erie Bighorns in the USPHL.

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AAU Sanctioned LeaguesEdit

On September 12, 2016 the AAU announced the formation of a Tier-I (free to play) league that will be called the Central 1 Hockey League. The league was scheduled to begin play in the fall of 2017 with six members all of which are presently members of the WSHL and are expected to keep fielding teams in that league next year as well. By early April of 2017 the league had appeared to have collapsed. The league would reemerge as the USA Central Hockey League with a planned fall of 2018 launch




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