2017 MJHL Bantam Draft
# Player Position Drafted By Hometown
Territorial Picks
Nathan Falloon Goal Waywayseecappo Wolverines Foxwarren
Cole Mentuck Defense Waywayseecappo Wolverines Waywayseecappo
no pick Dauphin Kings
no pick Dauphin Kings
Jordan Gray Forward Swan Valley Stampeders Swan River
Jayden Mosiondz Defense Swan Valley Stampeders Swan River
Tyler Gibson Forward Neepawa Natives Neepawa
Garret Rainkie Goal Neepawa Natives Neepawa
Hunter Andrew Forward Virden Oil Capitals Virden
Ryan Colon Forward Virden Oil Capitals Virden
Luc Benedictson Forward Winnipeg Blues Winnipeg
Braden Fischer Forward Winnipeg Blues Winnipeg
Kian Calder Defense Portage Terriers Portage la Prairie
Kyle Van Deynze Defense Portage Terriers Portage la Prairie
Jordan Donald Forward Selkirk Steelers unknown
Carl Ingalls Forward Selkirk Steelers St. Andrews
Branden Hill Forward OCN Blizzard The Pas
Cliff Salisbury Forward OCN Blizzard The Pas
Liam Friesen Forward Winkler Flyers Winkler
Rylan Thomas Defense Winkler Flyers Winkler
Cole Oswald Goal Steinbach Pistons Steinbach
Caleb Thiessen Forward Steinbach Pistons unknown
Round One
1 Jake Poole Forward Waywayseecappo Wolverines McAuley
2 Reece Richmond Defense Dauphin Kings Forrest
3 Cory King Defense Swan Valley Stampeders Souris
4 Brady Whitely Defense Neepawa Natives Winnipeg
5 Bray Rookes Defense Virden Oil Capitals Elkhorn
6 Jackson Klewchuk Forward Winnipeg Blues Winnipeg
7 Brody Wilson Forward Waywayseecappo Wolverines Birtle
8 Caiden Gault Forward Selkirk Steelers Oakbank
9 Evan Herman Forward OCN Blizzard Winnipeg
10 Calder Anderson Forward Winkler Flyers Brandon
11 Landon Roberts Forward Steinbach Pistons Souris
Round Two
12 Colby Joseph Forward Waywayseecappo Wolverines Elkhorn
13 Tyson Kozak Forward Dauphin Kings Souris
14 Jamie Valentino Forward Swan Valley Stampeders Thompson
15 Stephen Grahn Forward Neepawa Natives Winnipeg
16 Kale Price Forward Portage Terriers Winnipeg
17 Noah Wagner Forward Winnipeg Blues Winnipeg
18 Reese Belton Forward Portage Terriers Winnipeg
19 Adam Krestanowich Forward Selkirk Steelers Winnipeg
20 Sequoia Swan Forward OCN Blizzard Winnipeg
21 Hayden Forrest Defense Winkler Flyers Winnipeg
22 Ty Thorpe Forward Steinbach Pistons Winnipeg
Round Three
23 Cole Jordan Defense Waywayseecappo Wolverines Winnipeg
24 Nikulas Jerris Goal Dauphin Kings Winnipeg
25 Riley Goertzen Forward Swan Valley Stampeders Homewood
26 Brandon McCartney Defense Neepawa Natives Winnipeg
27 Brock Moroz Goal Virden Oil Capitals La Salle
28 Andrew Vasko Forward Winnipeg Blues La Salle
29 Jacob Carels Defense Portage Terriers Bruxelles
30 Kyle Lamoureux Defense Winkler Flyers Winnipeg
31 Levi Thiessen Forward OCN Blizzard Winnipeg
32 Mitch Thiessen Forward Winkler Flyers Brandon
33 Carter Bateman Defense Steinbach Pistons Stonewall
Round Four
34 Andrew Boucher Forward Waywayseecappo Wolverines Morden
35 Owen Wareham Forward Dauphin Kings Rivers
36 Chase Tilbury Defense Swan Valley Stampeders Melita
37 Maddux Mateychuk Forward Neepawa Natives Dominion City
38 Kade Runke Forward Dauphin Kings Grunthal
39 William Highet Forward Winnipeg Blues Winnipeg
40 Evan Toth Defense Winnipeg Blues Winnipeg
41 Ethan McColm Defense Selkirk Steelers Oakbank
42 Ayden Manningway Forward OCN Blizzard [[]]
43 Cole Stainer Forward Waywayseecappo Wolverines Birtle
44 Logan Danis Forward Steinbach Pistons Winnipeg
Round Five
45 Drayden Kurbatoff Forward Virden Oil Capitals Grunthal
46 Jack Oleksiuk Forward Dauphin Kings Winnipeg
47 Hunter Sexton Defense Swan Valley Stampeders Lorette
48 Zach Veitch Defense Neepawa Natives Rivers
49 Riley Zimmerman Forward Virden Oil Capitals Winnipeg
50 Cody Blight Forward Selkirk Steelers Winnipeg
51 Chris Fines Goal Portage Terriers Stonewall
52 Tyrone Willan Forward Selkirk Steelers Winnipeg
53 Nick Finnson Defense OCN Blizzard [[]]
54 Anton Uruski Defense Winkler Flyers Winnipeg
55 Lucas Fry Defense Steinbach Pistons Winnipeg
Round Six
56 Jordan Boyechko Defense Waywayseecappo Wolverines Chater
57 Graeme Patrick Forward Winkler Flyers Winnipeg
58 Justin Keck Forward Swan Valley Stampeders Morris
59 Garrett Hrechka Forward Neepawa Natives Dauphin
60 Tyler Thoendel Forward Virden Oil Capitals Winnipeg
61 Pearce Gare Defense Winnipeg Blues Winnipeg
62 Matthew Ramsey Forward Portage Terriers Chater
63 Quinn Hedgecock Defense Neepawa Natives Winnipeg
64 Dredyn Robinson Defense OCN Blizzard Cross Lake
65 Nathanael Hinds Forward Winkler Flyers Winnipeg
66 Aeden Loschiavo Forward Steinbach Pistons Winnipeg
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