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This is the 2017 Alberta Senior AA Playoffs.  The tournament is being held March 31st to April 2nd at the Peace Memorial Mulitplex in the town of Wainwright, Alberta.  The event is being hosted by the Wainwright Rustlers

Of the four leagues registered with Hockey Alberta only three of the leagues are participating in the 2017 tournament.  The North Peace Hockey League champion is not participating in the tournament.

The host team won the Sask/Alta Senior Hockey League championship so the other finalist, the Hillmond Hitmen qualified for the tournament as the league representative.

Participating teams[edit | edit source]

Schedule/Results[edit | edit source]

March 31

  •  (#1) Daysland defeated Hillmond 9-2
  • (#2) Nanton defeated Wainwright 8-6

April 1

  • (#3) Nanton defeated Daysland 4-3
  • (#4) Wainwright defeated Hillmond 6-3
  • (#5) Daysland defeated Wainwright 5-4

April 2

  • (#6) Hillmond defeated Wainwright 6-4 (consolation game)
  • (#7) Nanton defeated Daysland 3-2 (Championship game)

2017 Alberta Senior AA Champs Nanton Palominos

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Tournament website

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