This is a list of the 2017-18 American Junior hockey season by leagues.

Planned New Leagues for 2017-18Edit

  • On September 12, 2016, the Western States Hockey League announced the formation of the Central 1 Hockey League which will be a Tier-I league that will be comprised of six teams for the 2017-18 season; all of which presently have teams in the WSHL.  All of the teams are planned to continue to operate teams in the WSHL as well.  The league would not get beyond the planning stages for the 2017-18 season.  The league was briefly announced as being back on track for 2018-19 but it apparently collapsed shortly thereafter.  Apparently, in late March the league or an offshoot of the proposal was back as the USACHL (USA Central Hockey League).
  • On October 6, 2016 the United States Premier Hockey League announced that it was intending to start the National Collegiate Development Conference for the 2017-18 season and that it had submitted formal paperwork with USA Hockey to be certified as a Tier-II league for 2017-18.  The application was denied by the USA Hockey Junior Council at a meeting held in Detroit the week after (American) Thanksgiving.  The decision lead to a  withdrawal of the USPHL from USA Hockey.
  • The Independent Junior Hockey League was announced on April 3, 2017 as starting play in October of 2017, but by mid-June of 2017 the league website had vanished and the facebook page had not been updated since April 28th. The league may have been a late April Fool's Day joke as the league logo was very similar to the Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League's logo and the Deputy Commissioner in the proposed league was a 19 year old playing American Collegiate Hockey Association level hockey and an owner of a team was a back-up Tier-III goaltender in 2015. The person listed as commissioner was the coach of a team that could not get enough players to get a team going for 2016-17.

Announced New Leagues for 2018-19Edit

  • On December 19, 2017 the North American Hockey League announced the formation of the NAHL Prep league. According to the release, the NAHL Prep will be a premier training ground for the development and exposure of High School, Prep, and Academy teams throughout North America.[1]

Interleague changesEdit

For more changes within leagues; please see each league's season page listed below.


USA Hockey Sanctioned Tier-IEdit

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AAU Sanctioned LeaguesEdit

On September 12, 2016 the AAU announced the formation of a Tier-I (free to play) league that will be called the Central 1 Hockey League.  The league was scheduled to begin play in the fall of 2017 with six members all of which are presently members of the WSHL and are expected to keep fielding teams in that league next year as well.  By early April of 2017 the league appears to have collapsed.



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