Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament
Tournament details
Host countries Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Dates August 11–16, 2014
Teams 8
Final positions
Champions Gold medal blank.png Flag of Canada.svg.png Canada
Runner-up Silver medal blank.png Flag of the Czech Republic.png Czech Republic
Third place Bronze medal blank.png Flag of the United States.png United States of America
Fourth place Flag of Sweden.png Sweden
Tournament statistics
Matches played 18
Scoring leader(s) Flag of the United States Thomas Novak (5 goals, 6 assists)
Website http://hlinkamemorial.com/eng/index.asp

The 2014 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament is an under-18 international ice hockey tournament held in Břeclav, Czech Republic and Piešťany, Slovakia from August 11, 2014 to 16, 2014. This is the 11th time this tournament has been held in those two cities.[1]

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