This is the 2013-14 Midwest Junior Hockey League season. This was the league's second season

The Michigan Ice Dogs moved to Farmington Hills after the 2012-13 season ended.  The Hartland Hounds  moved to Traverse City and were renamed the Cohos only to fold before they next season began.  the Holland River Bandits were suspended by the AAU for a minimum of one year due to the background of their coach.  The Rhinelander Street Cats moved to Alpena and were relabeled as the Alpena Street Cats. The Tennyson Chevrolet team was renamed the Detroit Fighting Irish.  The Great Lakes Lightning moved to Berkley, MI and were renamed the Berkley Bruins  The Michigan Grrrowl faded into extintion after the season, they had forfeited several games late in the season.

The league awarded a team to the Marquette Royals, who withdrew to join the Minnesota Junior Hockey League. Louisville, KY was also awarded an expansion team but apparently fell through.  The Walker based West Michigan Freeze and the Alpena Street Cats were disbanded by the league at their September 11, 2013 meeting. Apparently the decision was modified as Alpena played for the season and West Michigan franchise is listed as dormant on the league's website.

Standings[edit | edit source]

seed Team                           GP W  L  OTL SOL PTS GF  GA

  1. Traverse City Hounds  42 32  7   1       2     67  222   90
  2. Soo Firehawks             42 31 10  0       1     63  251  149
  3. Detroit Fighting Irish    42 27 10  0        5    59  174  123
  4. Alpena Street Cats      42 22 19  0        1    45  214  164
  5. Bloomington Jr. Blaze  42 15 26  1        0    31  147  207
  6. Berkley Bruins             42 11 30  0        1    23  157  301
  7. Michigan Ice Dogs       42  9  30  2        1    21  153  284

Veterans's Memorial Cup Playoffs[edit | edit source]

Format[edit | edit source]

The top four teams qualified for the playoffs. Both rounds were scheduled to be best-of-three.  The league announce that the Alpena Street Cats were unable to participate in the playoffs and the Traverse City Hounds were awarded the series by forfeit.

Semifinals[edit | edit source]

  • Soo Firehawks defeated Detroit Fighting Irish, two games to one, 2-5, 3-2, 4-3
  • Traverse City Hounds defeated Alpena Street Cats two games to none, 1-0 (forfeit), 1-0 (forfeit)

Finals[edit | edit source]

  • Taverse City Hounds defeated the Soo Firehawks, two games to one, 2-3, 8-0, 5-1

League Awards[edit | edit source]

  • MWJHL Forward of the Year: Nick Murphy, Soo Firehawks
  • MWJHL Defenseman of the Year: Savelii Skurkhin, Alpena Street Cats
  • MWJHL Goaltender of the Year: David Krejcik, Traverse City Hounds
  • MWJHL Rookie of the Year: David Krejcik, Traverse City Hounds
  • MWJHL Coach of the Year: Joe Esson, Soo Firehawks

League All Stars[edit | edit source]

First Team[edit | edit source]

  • Vladislav Khasanov, F, Alpena Street Cats
  • Nick Murphy, F, Soo Firehawks
  • Steven Smoltz, F, Soo Firehawks/Bloomington Jr. Blaze
  • Scott Luca, D, Traverse City Hounds
  • Savelii Skurikhin, D, Alpena Street Cats
  • David Krejcik, G, Traverse City Hounds

Second Team[edit | edit source]

  • Pavel Bocharov, F, Alpena Street Cats
  • Jacob Gillis, F, Traverse City Hounds
  • Andrew Holder, F, Soo Firehawks
  • Kevin Killips, D, Soo Firehawks
  • Rob Speer, D, Detroit Fighting Irish
  • Chris Lewis, G, Detroit Fighting Irish

Third Team[edit | edit source]

  • Adam Jonak, F, Berkley Bruins/Traverse City Hounds
  • Hunter Ledgerwood, F, Michigan Ice Dogs
  • Ryan Santo, F, Detroit Fighting Irish
  • Michael Cruse, D, Detroit Fighting Irish
  • John Urmetz, D, Bloomington Jr. Blaze
  • Anthony Benvenuti, G, Soo Firehawks
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