2012–13 Erste Bank Eishockey Liga
League Erste Bank Eishockey Liga
Sport Ice hockey
Regular season
Season champions Vienna Capitals
Top scorer Luciano Aquino
[[|]] champions Klagenfurter AC

The 2012–13 Austrian Hockey League was a season of the Austrian Hockey League (known as Erste Bank Eishockey Liga - or EBEL league - for sponsorship reasons). The Klagenfurter AC won the Austrian championship by defeating the Vienna Capitals in the Playoff Final.[1]

First roundEdit

R Team GP W OTL L GF GA Diff Pts
1 Flag of Austria Vienna Capitals4428516137100+3761
2 Flag of Croatia KHL Medveščak Zagreb4427611145109+3660
3 Flag of Austria Graz 99ers4424814142130+1256
4 Flag of Austria EC VSV4426414171138+3356
5 Flag of Austria EC KAC4426315140127+1355
6 Flag of Austria EHC Linz4426117154135+1953
7 Flag of the Czech Republic Orli Znojmo4423615149136+1352
8 Flag of Austria EC Red Bull Salzburg4422319163121+4247
9 Flag of Hungary Alba Volán Székesfehérvár4421320127138–1145
10 Flag of Slovenia HDD Olimpija Ljubljana4420321123145–2243
11 Flag of Austria Dornbirner EC4413328128183–5529
12 Flag of Austria HC Innsbruck44833394211–11719

Second roundEdit

Final roundEdit

R Team GP W OTL L GF-GA Diff Pts
1Flag of Austria Vienna Capitals1072127-21+618 (4)
2Flag of Austria EHC Linz1081142-29+1317 (0)
3Flag of Austria EC KAC1053227-26+113 (0)
4Flag of Croatia KHL Medveščak Zagreb1042430-31–113 (3)
5Flag of Austria Graz 99ers1031620-27–79 (2)
6Flag of Austria EC VSV1031621-33–128 (1)

Qualification roundEdit

R Team GP W OTL L GF-GA Diff Pts
7Flag of the Czech Republic Orli Znojmo1080242-18+2420 (4)
8Flag of Austria EC Red Bull Salzburg1070335-26+917 (3)
9Flag of Slovenia HDD Olimpija Ljubljana1051427-26+112 (1)
10Flag of Austria Dornbirner EC1051426-36–1011 (1)
11Flag of Hungary Alba Volán Székesfehérvár1030726-34–88 (2)
12Flag of Austria HC Innsbruck1020826-42–164 (0)


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  PL1  Vienna Capitals 4  
QU1  Orli Znojmo 1  
  PL1  Vienna Capitals 4  
  QU2  EC Red Bull Salzburg 2  
PL4  KHL Medveščak Zagreb 2
  QU2  EC Red Bull Salzburg 4  
    PL1  Vienna Capitals 0
  PL3  EC KAC 4
  PL3  EC KAC 4  
PL5  Graz 99ers 1  
PL2  EHC Linz 2
  PL3  EC KAC 4  
PL2  EHC Linz 4
  PL6  EC VSV 3  

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