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::'''''First Round'''''
::'''''First Round'''''
<center>Fisher River received bye</center>
<center>Fisher River received bye</center>
<center>Neepawa defeated Grandview (10-4, 6-2)</center>
<center>Neepawa defeated Grandview ''16-goals-to-6''</center>
<center>Pierson defeated Souris (2-4, 5-2)</center>
<center>Pierson defeated Souris ''7-goals-to-6''</center>
<center>Shoal Lake defeated Melita (4-4, 8-1)</center>
<center>Shoal Lake defeated Melita ''12-goals-to-5''</center>
::'''''Semi Finals'''''
::'''''Semi Finals'''''
<center>Neepawa defeated Fisher River (3-4, )</center>
<center>Neepawa defeated Fisher River</center>
<center>Pierson defeated Shoal Lake (3-1, 7-8)</center>
<center>Pierson defeated Shoal Lake ''10-goals-to-9''</center>
<center>Neepawa defeated Pierson (12-0, 5-2)</center>
<center>Neepawa defeated Pierson ''17-goals-to-2''</center>

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Flag of Manitoba

Seven teams registered in Senior A with Hockey Manitoba,
to challenge for the Manitoba Senior A Championship.


Fisher River Terriers
Grandview Comets
Melita Bisons
Neepawa Farmers
Pierson Bruins
Shoal Lake Eagles
Souris Elks


First Round
Fisher River received bye
Neepawa defeated Grandview 16-goals-to-6
Pierson defeated Souris 7-goals-to-6
Shoal Lake defeated Melita 12-goals-to-5
Semi Finals
Neepawa defeated Fisher River
Pierson defeated Shoal Lake 10-goals-to-9
Neepawa defeated Pierson 17-goals-to-2
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