The 2010 KHL All-Star Game was the second edition of the All-Star Game classic for the Kontinental Hockey League. The game was played at the Minsk-Arena in Minsk, Belarus.

Format and nominationsEdit

The two teams that faced each other were Team Yashin (or Team Russia), named after its leader, Alexei Yashin, who led the best Russian players of the league, and Team Jágr (or Team World), named after Jaromír Jágr, who led the best non-Russian players of the league. Both Yashin and Jágr were chosen because they were both highly popular and both automatically linked to ice hockey in their respective countries. They captained their respective team. It was up to them to decide of their two assistant captains.

Players were nominated by the public, media and KHL.

Skills Competition WinnersEdit


Team Jágr (World) Team Yashin (Russia)
Coach: Flag of the United States Barry Smith (SKA Saint Petersburg) Flag of Yaroslavl Oblast Andrei Khomutov (Dynamo Moscow)
Assistant Coaches: Flag of Finland Kari Heikkilä (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl)
Flag of the Czech Republic Milos Rziga (Spartak Moscow)
Flag of Chelyabinsk Oblast Vyacheslav Bykov (CSKA Moscow)
Flag of Bryansk Oblast Igor Zakharkin (CSKA Moscow)

Flag of Slovakia 81 - F Marcel Hossa (Dinamo Riga)
Flag of Sweden 80 - F Mattias Weinhandl (Dynamo Moscow)
Flag of Slovakia 92 - F Branko Radivojevič (Spartak Moscow)
Flag of Canada 38 - D Kevin Dallman (Barys Astana)
Flag of Latvia 08 - D Sandis Ozoliņš (Dinamo Riga)
Flag of Finland 31 - G Karri Rämö (Avangard Omsk)

Flag of Saint Petersburg 33 - F Maxim Sushinsky (SKA Saint Petersburg)
Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast 25 - F Alexander Radulov (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
Flag of Moscow 95 - F Aleksey Morozov (Ak Bars Kazan)
Flag of Moscow 56 - D Sergei Zubov (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
Flag of Moscow 05 - D Ilya Nikulin (Ak Bars Kazan)
Flag of Chelyabinsk 20 - G Georgi Gelashvili (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl)


Flag of the Czech Republic 98 - F Jaromír Jágr (Avangard Omsk) (C)
Flag of Norway 41 - F Patrick Thoresen (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
Flag of the Czech Republic 63 - F Josef Vašíček (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl)
Flag of Canada 17 - F Chris Simon (Vityaz Chekhov)
Flag of the Czech Republic 26 - F Jiří Hudler (Dynamo Moscow)
Flag of Finland 18 - F Ville Peltonen (Dynamo Minsk)
Flag of Slovakia 15 - F Jozef Stümpel (Barys Astana)
Flag of Slovakia 77 - D Martin Štrbák (HC MVD)
Flag of Finland 06 - D Lasse Kukkonen (Avangard Omsk)
Flag of the Czech Republic 04 - D Karel Rachůnek (Dynamo Moscow)
Flag of Canada 16 - D Jeff Platt (Dinamo Minsk)
Flag of Canada 34 - G Michael Garnett (HC MVD)

Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast 19 – F Alexei Yashin (SKA Saint Petersburg) (C)
Flag of Chelyabinsk 25 – F Danis Zaripov (Ak Bars Kazan)
70px-Coat of Arms of Pskov 18 – F Sergei Fedorov (Metallurg Magnitogorsk)
Flag of Yaroslavl Oblast 10 – F Sergei Mozyakin (Atlant Moscow)
Flag of Kemerovo oblast 42 – F Sergei Zinovyev (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
Flag of Yaroslavl Oblast 16 – F Denis Parshin (CSKA Moscow)
Flag of Moscow Oblast 23 – F Alexei Tereschenko (Ak Bars Kazan)
Flag of Chelyabinsk Oblast 79 – D Dmitri Kalinin (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
Flag of Ukraine 78 – D Anton Babchuk (Avangard Omsk)
Flag of Moscow 22 – D Konstantin Korneyev (CSKA Moscow)
Flag of Penza Oblast 27 – D Vitaly Atyushov (Metallurg Magnitogorsk)
Flag of Belarus 31 – G Andrei Mezin (Dynamo Minsk)

*International player's flags indicate nation of origin whereas Russian born player's flags indicate the Federal subject of origin.

Game summary and resultEdit

Final score: Team Jagr 7-6 Team Yashin

Team          1st     2nd     3rd    Total
Team Jagr 	4 	3 	4      11
Team Yashin 	1 	5 	2 	8
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