This is the 2010-11 Junior Women's Hockey League season.

Membership ChangesEdit

  • None


Major Junior EastEdit

Team GP W L T Pts GF GA
North American Hockey Academy Winter-Hawks 27251 1 5116331
Washington Pride 271386 329678
National Sports Academy Mountaineers 2712132 268898
Colorado Select271014 3 2381110
Boston Shamrocks 270261 120148

Major Junior WestEdit

Team GP W L T Pts GF GA
Edge School Mountaineers 271854 4010161
Balmoral Hall Blazers 271310 4 307756
Minnesota Thoroughbreds271110 6 288568
Warner Hockey School Warriors 2712123 277987
Pacific Steelers 275202 1254107



All teams participate. Each team played four games over three days to determine a champion. The lowest two first round losers are placed in the placement pool, each round after that the losers are placed in the placement pool and the winners advance to the next round of the championship. The tournament was held at the Hartmeyer Ice Arena and the Camp Randall Memorial Sports Center (aka The Shell) in Madison, Wisconsin on the campus of the University of Wisconsin.

Day 1Edit

Day 2Edit





Day 3Edit

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