The following is a list of all team-to-team transactions that have occurred in the National Hockey League during the 2010–11 NHL season. It lists what team each player has been traded to, signed by, or claimed by, and for which player(s) or draft pick(s), if applicable. Players who have retired are also listed.


Date Last team Name
02010-04-07 St. Louis Blues Tkachuk, KeithKeith Tkachuk
02010-06-18 San Jose Sharks Blake, RobRob Blake
02010-06-22 Anaheim Ducks Niedermayer, ScottScott Niedermayer
02010-06-30 Carolina Hurricanes Brind'Amour, RodRod Brind'Amour
02010-07-13 St. Louis Blues Sydor, DarrylDarryl Sydor
02010-07-26 Toronto Maple Leafs Van Ryn, MikeMike Van Ryn
02010-07-31 Montreal Canadiens Laraque, GeorgesGeorges Laraque
02010-08-06 Atlanta Thrashers Chelios, ChrisChris Chelios
02010-08-09 Philadelphia Flyers Cote, RileyRiley Cote
02010-08-24 Anaheim Ducks Ward, AaronAaron Ward

Free agencyEdit

Note: This does not include players who have re-signed with their previous team as an Unrestricted Free Agent or as a Restricted Free Agent.

Date Player New team Previous team
02010-07-01 Biron, MartinMartin Biron New York Rangers New York Islanders
02010-07-01 Tanguay, AlexAlex Tanguay Calgary Flames Tampa Bay Lightning
02010-07-01 Gonchar, SergeiSergei Gonchar Ottawa Senators Pittsburgh Penguins
02010-07-01 Auld, AlexAlex Auld Montreal Canadiens New York Rangers
02010-07-01 Michalek, ZbynekZbynek Michalek Pittsburgh Penguins Phoenix Coyotes
02010-07-01 Niittymaki, AnteroAntero Niittymaki San Jose Sharks Tampa Bay Lightning
02010-07-01 Malhotra, MannyManny Malhotra Vancouver Canucks San Jose Sharks
02010-07-01 O'Donnell, SeanSean O'Donnell Philadelphia Flyers Los Angeles Kings
02010-07-01 Perrault, JoelJoel Perrault Vancouver Canucks Phoenix Coyotes
02010-07-01 Shelley, JodyJody Shelley Philadelphia Flyers New York Rangers
02010-07-01 Lydman, ToniToni Lydman Anaheim Ducks Buffalo Sabres
02010-07-01 Foster, KurtisKurtis Foster Edmonton Oilers Tampa Bay Lightning
02010-07-01 Boogaard, DerekDerek Boogaard New York Rangers Minnesota Wild
02010-07-01 Mason, ChrisChris Mason Atlanta Thrashers St. Louis Blues
02010-07-01 Martin, PaulPaul Martin Pittsburgh Penguins New Jersey Devils
02010-07-01 Armstrong, ColbyColby Armstrong Toronto Maple Leafs Atlanta Thrashers
02010-07-01 Leopold, JordanJordan Leopold Buffalo Sabres Pittsburgh Penguins
02010-07-01 Tambellini, JeffJeff Tambellini Vancouver Canucks New York Islanders
02010-07-01 Ellis, DanDan Ellis Tampa Bay Lightning Montreal Canadiens
02010-07-01 Tallinder, HenrikHenrik Tallinder New Jersey Devils Buffalo Sabres
02010-07-01 Volchenkov, AntonAnton Volchenkov New Jersey Devils Ottawa Senators
02010-07-01 Jokinen, OlliOlli Jokinen Calgary Flames New York Rangers
02010-07-01 Hedberg, JohanJohan Hedberg New Jersey Devils Atlanta Thrashers
02010-07-01 Hamhuis, DanDan Hamhuis Vancouver Canucks Pittsburgh Penguins
02010-07-01 Cullen, MattMatt Cullen Minnesota Wild Ottawa Senators
02010-07-01 Nystrom, EricEric Nystrom Minnesota Wild Calgary Flames
02010-07-01 Burish, AdamAdam Burish Dallas Stars Chicago Blackhawks
02010-07-01 Raycroft, AndrewAndrew Raycroft Dallas Stars Vancouver Canucks
02010-07-01 Reich, JeremyJeremy Reich Boston Bruins New York Islanders
02010-07-01 Whitney, RayRay Whitney Phoenix Coyotes Carolina Hurricanes
02010-07-02 Craig, RyanRyan Craig Pittsburgh Penguins Tampa Bay Lightning
02010-07-02 Grant, TristonTriston Grant Florida Panthers Nashville Predators
02010-07-02 Sabourin, DanyDany Sabourin Washington Capitals Boston Bruins
02010-07-02 Jackman, TimTim Jackman Calgary Flames New York Islanders
02010-07-02 Ivanans, RaitisRaitis Ivanans Calgary Flames Los Angeles Kings
02010-07-02 Guenin, NateNate Guenin Columbus Blue Jackets Pittsburgh Penguins
02010-07-02 Wilson, KyleKyle Wilson Columbus Blue Jackets Washington Capitals
02010-07-02 Kubina, PavelPavel Kubina Tampa Bay Lightning Atlanta Thrashers
02010-07-02 Higgins, ChristopherChristopher Higgins Florida Panthers Calgary Flames
02010-07-02 Scott, JohnJohn Scott Chicago Blackhawks Minnesota Wild
02010-07-02 Eaton, MarkMark Eaton New York Islanders Pittsburgh Penguins
02010-07-02 Jurcina, MilanMilan Jurcina New York Islanders Washington Capitals
02010-07-02 Parenteau, PierrePierre Parenteau New York Islanders New York Rangers
02010-07-02 Konopka, ZenonZenon Konopka New York Islanders Tampa Bay Lightning
02010-07-02 Bagnall, DrewDrew Bagnall Minnesota Wild Los Angeles Kings
02010-07-02 Peters, WarrenWarren Peters Minnesota Wild Tampa Bay Lightning
02010-07-02 Ebbett, AndrewAndrew Ebbett Phoenix Coyotes Minnesota Wild
02010-07-02 Smith, TrevorTrevor Smith Anaheim Ducks New York Islanders
02010-07-02 Lombardi, MatthewMatthew Lombardi Nashville Predators Phoenix Coyotes
02010-07-02 Petiot, RichardRichard Petiot Edmonton Oilers Chicago Blackhawks
02010-07-02 Liffiton, DavidDavid Liffiton Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets
02010-07-02 Mauldin, GregGreg Mauldin Colorado Avalanche New York Islanders
02010-07-02 Van der Gulik, DavidDavid Van der Gulik Colorado Avalanche Calgary Flames
02010-07-02 Bacashihua, JasonJason Bacashihua Colorado Avalanche Washington Capitals
02010-07-02 MacIntyre, SteveSteve MacIntyre Edmonton Oilers Florida Panthers
02010-07-03 Giroux, AlexandreAlexandre Giroux Edmonton Oilers Washington Capitals
02010-07-03 Stafford, GarrettGarrett Stafford Phoenix Coyotes Dallas Stars
02010-07-03 Yonkman, NolanNolan Yonkman Phoenix Coyotes Nashville Predators
02010-07-03 Climie, MattMatt Climie Phoenix Coyotes Dallas Stars
02010-07-03 Sterling, BrettBrett Sterling Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks
02010-07-05 McIver, NathanNathan McIver Boston Bruins Vancouver Canucks
02010-07-05 Clark, BrettBrett Clark Tampa Bay Lightning Colorado Avalanche
02010-07-06 Minard, ChrisChris Minard Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers
02010-07-06 Johnson, JamieJamie Johnson Detroit Red Wings Florida Panthers
02010-07-06 MacDonald, JoeyJoey MacDonald Detroit Red Wings Anaheim Ducks
02010-07-06 Stone, RyanRyan Stone Calgary Flames Edmonton Oilers
02010-07-07 Sifers, JaimeJaime Sifers Atlanta Thrashers Minnesota Wild
02010-07-07 Ross, JaredJared Ross Atlanta Thrashers Philadelphia Flyers
02010-07-07 Niedermayer, RobRob Niedermayer Buffalo Sabres New Jersey Devils
02010-07-07 Hutchinson, AndrewAndrew Hutchinson Pittsburgh Penguins Dallas Stars
02010-07-07 Locke, CoreyCorey Locke Ottawa Senators New York Rangers
02010-07-07 Corvo, JoeJoe Corvo Carolina Hurricanes Washington Capitals
02010-07-07 Fahey, BrianBrian Fahey Washington Capitals Colorado Avalanche
02010-07-07 Greentree, KyleKyle Greentree Washington Capitals Chicago Blackhawks
02010-07-07 Lebda, BrettBrett Lebda Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings
02010-07-07 Paetsch, NathanNathan Paetsch Florida Panthers Columbus Blue Jackets
02010-07-07 Walter, BenBen Walter Colorado Avalanche New Jersey Devils
02010-07-09 Palin, BrettBrett Palin Nashville Predators Calgary Flames
02010-07-09 Ondrus, BenBen Ondrus Edmonton Oilers Toronto Maple Leafs
02010-07-10 Moore, GregGreg Moore Philadelphia Flyers Columbus Blue Jackets
02010-07-12 Weiman, TylerTyler Weiman Vancouver Canucks Colorado Avalanche
02010-07-12 Evans, BrennanBrennan Evans St. Louis Blues Anaheim Ducks
02010-07-12 Williams, JeremyJeremy Williams New York Rangers Detroit Red Wings
02010-07-12 Oystrick, NathanNathan Oystrick St. Louis Blues Anaheim Ducks
02010-07-13 Belle, ShawnShawn Belle Edmonton Oilers Montreal Canadiens
02010-07-14 Willsie, BrianBrian Willsie Washington Capitals Colorado Avalanche
02010-07-15 Crabb, JoeyJoey Crabb Toronto Maple Leafs Chicago Blackhawks
02010-07-15 Richmond, DannyDanny Richmond Toronto Maple Leafs Chicago Blackhawks
02010-07-15 Sullivan, SeanSean Sullivan San Jose Sharks Phoenix Coyotes
02010-07-16 Conboy, TimTim Conboy Buffalo Sabres Carolina Hurricanes
02010-07-16 Lukowich, BradBrad Lukowich Dallas Stars Vancouver Canucks
02010-07-16 Stewart, GregGreg Stewart Edmonton Oilers Montreal Canadiens
02010-07-16 Potter, CoreyCorey Potter Pittsburgh Penguins New York Rangers
02010-07-16 Lundmark, JamieJamie Lundmark Nashville Predators Toronto Maple Leafs
02010-07-20 Meyer, StefanStefan Meyer Calgary Flames Phoenix Coyotes
02010-07-21 Syvret, DannyDanny Syvret Anaheim Ducks Philadelphia Flyers
02010-07-21 Yablonski, JeremyJeremy Yablonski New York Islanders Ottawa Senators
02010-07-22 Jancevski, DanDan Jancevski Philadelphia Flyers Dallas Stars
02010-07-22 Lamoureux, Jean-PhilippeJean-Philippe Lamoureux Calgary Flames Buffalo Sabres
02010-07-23 Pouliot, MarcMarc Pouliot Tampa Bay Lightning Edmonton Oilers
02010-07-24 Cullen, MarkMark Cullen Florida Panthers Chicago Blackhawks
02010-07-25 Durno, ChrisChris Durno Tampa Bay Lightning Colorado Avalanche
02010-07-27 Frolov, AlexanderAlexander Frolov New York Rangers Los Angeles Kings
02010-07-27 Ponikarovsky, AlexeiAlexei Ponikarovsky Los Angeles Kings Pittsburgh Penguins
02010-07-29 Vernace, MikeMike Vernace Tampa Bay Lightning San Jose Sharks
02010-07-29 Roy, MathieuMathieu Roy Tampa Bay Lightning Florida Panthers
02010-07-30 Moore, DominicDominic Moore Tampa Bay Lightning Montreal Canadiens
02010-07-31 Picard, Alexandre R.Alexandre R. Picard Montreal Canadiens Carolina Hurricanes
02010-08-02 Turco, MartyMarty Turco Chicago Blackhawks Dallas Stars
02010-08-02 Sutton, AndyAndy Sutton Anaheim Ducks Ottawa Senators
02010-08-02 Morrisonn, ShaoneShaone Morrisonn Buffalo Sabres Washington Capitals
02010-08-03 Angelidis, MichaelMichael Angelidis Tampa Bay Lightning Carolina Hurricanes
02010-08-03 Weaver, MikeMike Weaver Florida Panthers St. Louis Blues
02010-08-03 Callahan, JoeJoe Callahan Florida Panthers San Jose Sharks
02010-08-04 Jessiman, HughHugh Jessiman Chicago Blackhawks Nashville Predators
02010-08-04 Scatchard, DaveDave Scatchard St. Louis Blues Nashville Predators
02010-08-04 Lessard, FrancisFrancis Lessard Ottawa Senators Phoenix Coyotes
02010-08-04 Hale, DavidDavid Hale Ottawa Senators Tampa Bay Lightning
02010-08-04 Mayers, JamalJamal Mayers San Jose Sharks Calgary Flames
02010-08-05 Modano, MikeMike Modano Detroit Red Wings Dallas Stars
02010-08-05 Benoit, AndreAndre Benoit Ottawa Senators Montreal Canadiens
02010-08-06 Madden, JohnJohn Madden Minnesota Wild Chicago Blackhawks
02010-08-09 Salei, RuslanRuslan Salei Detroit Red Wings Colorado Avalanche
02010-08-11 Arsene, DeanDean Arsene St. Louis Blues Edmonton Oilers
02010-08-17 Bergenheim, SeanSean Bergenheim Tampa Bay Lightning New York Islanders
02010-08-18 Guite, BenBen Guite Columbus Blue Jackets Nashville Predators
02010-08-18 Hilbert, AndyAndy Hilbert New York Islanders Minnesota Wild
02010-08-19 Meyer, FreddyFreddy Meyer Atlanta Thrashers New York Islanders
02010-08-19 Peters, AndrewAndrew Peters Florida Panthers New Jersey Devils
02010-08-20 Asham, ArronArron Asham Pittsburgh Penguins Philadelphia Flyers
02010-08-24 Pisani, FernandoFernando Pisani Chicago Blackhawks Edmonton Oilers
02010-08-25 Torres, RaffiRaffi Torres Vancouver Canucks Buffalo Sabres
02010-08-25 Mitchell, WillieWillie Mitchell Los Angeles Kings Vancouver Canucks
02010-08-25 Jones, RandyRandy Jones Tampa Bay Lightning Los Angeles Kings
02010-08-26 Stuart, ColinColin Stuart Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames
02010-08-26 MacArthur, ClarkeClarke MacArthur Toronto Maple Leafs Atlanta Thrashers

Trades between teamsEdit


May 13, 2010 To Carolina Hurricanes
Jared Staal
To Phoenix Coyotes
NSH's 5th-round pick (#138 overall) in 2010
May 26, 2010 To New York Rangers
Jyri Niemi
To New York Islanders
6th-round pick (#160 overall) in 2010
May 28, 2010 To Pittsburgh Penguins
Mattias Modig
To Anaheim Ducks
MTL's 6th-round pick (#177 overall) in 2010


June 17, 2010 To St. Louis Blues
Jaroslav Halak
To Montreal Canadiens
Lars Eller
Ian Schultz
June 17, 2010 To St. Louis Blues
T.J. Hensick
To Colorado Avalanche
Julian Talbot
June 19, 2010 To Nashville Predators
Ryan Parent
To Philadelphia Flyers
Dan Hamhuis
conditional 7th-round pick in 2011
June 19, 2010 To New Jersey Devils
Jason Arnott
To Nashville Predators
Matt Halischuk
2nd-round pick in 2011
June 21, 2010 To Minnesota Wild
Brad Staubitz
To San Jose Sharks
5th-round pick (#129 overall) in 2010
June 22, 2010 To Boston Bruins
Nathan Horton
Gregory Campbell
To Florida Panthers
Dennis Wideman
1st-round pick (#15 overall) in 2010
3rd-round pick in 2011
June 24, 2010 To Atlanta Thrashers
future considerations
To San Jose Sharks
Mike Vernace
Brett Sterling
7th-round pick (#188 overall) in 2010
June 24, 2010 To Atlanta Thrashers
Dustin Byfuglien
Brent Sopel
Ben Eager
Akim Aliu
To Chicago Blackhawks
Marty Reasoner
Joseph Crabb
Jeremy Morin
NJ's 1st-round pick (#24 overall) in 2010
NJ's 2nd-round pick (#54 overall) in 2010
June 24, 2010 To Edmonton Oilers
Colin Fraser
To Chicago Blackhawks
6th-round pick in (#151 overall) 2010
June 25, 2010 To Ottawa Senators
David Rundblad
To St. Louis Blues
1st-round pick (#16 overall) in 2010
June 25, 2010 To Vancouver Canucks
Keith Ballard
Victor Oreskovich
To Florida Panthers
Steve Bernier
Michael Grabner
1st-round pick (#25 overall) in 2010
June 25, 2010 To Pittsburgh Penguins
Dan Hamhuis
To Philadelphia Flyers
3rd-round pick in 2011
June 26, 2010 To Chicago Blackhawks
Jimmy Hayes
To Toronto Maple Leafs
2nd-round pick (#43 overall) in 2010
June 26, 2010 To Carolina Hurricanes
Riley Nash
To Edmonton Oilers
2nd-round pick (#46 overall) in 2010
June 26, 2010 To Toronto Maple Leafs
Mike Brown
To Anaheim Ducks
5th-round pick (#122 overall) in 2010
June 26, 2010 To Carolina Hurricanes
Bobby Sanguinetti
To New York Rangers
6th-round pick (#157 overall) in 2010
WSH's 2nd-round pick in 2011
June 26, 2010 To Calgary Flames
Henrik Karlsson
To San Jose Sharks
6th-round pick (#163 overall) in 2010
June 26, 2010 To Carolina Hurricanes
Jonathan Matsumoto
To Philadelphia Flyers
7th-round pick (#206 overall) in 2010
June 26, 2010 To St. Louis Blues
Vladimir Sobotka
To Boston Bruins
David Warsofsky
June 28, 2010 To Colorado Avalanche
Daniel Winnik
To Phoenix Coyotes
4th-round pick in 2012
June 29, 2010 To Nashville Predators
Sergei Kostitsyn
To Montreal Canadiens
Dan Ellis
Dustin Boyd
June 30, 2010 To Edmonton Oilers
Jim Vandermeer
To Phoenix Coyotes
Patrick O'Sullivan
June 30, 2010 To Columbus Blue Jackets
Ethan Moreau
To Edmonton Oilers
claimed off waivers
June 30, 2010 To Toronto Maple Leafs
Kris Versteeg
Bill Sweatt
To Chicago Blackhawks
Viktor Stalberg
Chris DiDomenico
Philippe Paradis
June 30, 2010 To Anaheim Ducks
Jason Jaffray
conditional 7th-round pick in 2013
To Calgary Flames
Logan MacMillan
conditional 7th-round pick in 2013

July Edit

July 1, 2010 To Philadelphia Flyers
Andrej Meszaros
To Tampa Bay Lightning
2nd-round pick in 2012
July 1, 2010 To Atlanta Thrashers
Andrew Ladd
To Chicago Blackhawks
Ivan Vishnevskiy
2nd-round pick in 2011
July 9, 2010 To New York Rangers
Steve Eminger
To Anaheim Ducks
Aaron Voros
Ryan Hillier
July 19, 2010 To Tampa Bay Lightning
Simon Gagne
To Philadelphia Flyers
Matt Walker
4th-round pick in 2011
July 19, 2010 To New York Rangers
Matt McCue
To Anaheim Ducks
Tomas Zaborsky
July 22, 2010 To Florida Panthers
Marty Reasoner
To Chicago Blackhawks
Jeff Taffe
July 28, 2010 To St. Louis Blues
Stefan Della Rovere
To Washington Capitals
D.J. King
July 30, 2010 To New York Islanders
James Wisniewski
To Anaheim Ducks
conditional 3rd-round pick in 2011


August 2, 2010 To New York Rangers
Todd White
To Atlanta Thrashers
Patrick Rissmiller
Donald Brashear
August 3, 2010 To Florida Panthers
T. J. Fast
To St. Louis Blues
Graham Mink
August 5, 2010 To Florida Panthers
Mike Santorelli
To Nashville Predators
conditional 5th-round pick in 2011
August 16, 2010 To Montreal Canadiens
Karri Ramo
To Tampa Bay Lightning
Cedrick Desjardins
August 27, 2010 To Toronto Maple Leafs
Matt Lashoff
To Tampa Bay Lightning
Alex Berry
Stefano Giliati

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