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Logo of the first edition of the Continental Hockey League All-Star Game.

The 2009 KHL All-Star Game was the inaugural edition of the All-Star Game classic for the newfound Continental Hockey League. The game was played outside, on a rink built for the purpose on the Red Square in Moscow, Russia.

The rink had a spall capacity, estimated at about 3,000; however, even fewer people (estimations mention some 2,500) attended the game, played by a cold temperature of -16 Celcius.

Format and nominations

The two teams that faced each other were Team Yashin (or Team Russia), named after its leader, Alexei Yashin, who led the best Russian players of the league, and Team Jágr (or Team World), named after Jaromír Jágr, who led the best non-Russian players of the league. Both Yashin and Jágr were chosen because they were both highly popular and both automatically linked to ice hockey in their respective countries. They captained their respective team. It was up to them to decide of their two assistant captains.

Players were nominated by two different ways. The starting roster of both teams was decided by popular vote on the KHL's website; the second line players were choosen by the media. Nominees were announced on December 26th 2008. As for the remaining and reserve players, they were announced by January 8th. Each team consisted of nine forwards, six defencemen and two goaltenders.


The main event was preceded by skill competitions, very alike what can be seen in NHL All-Star Games. These competitions were the following (with their winner between brackets):

  • The Fastest Skater ()
  • Shootout Skill ()
  • Long Range Shot ()
  • Zigzag Team Relay ()
  • Goalie Competition ()
  • Accurate Shooting ()
  • Speed Relay ()

The all-star game's format was decided by popular vote of the fans. The two alternatives were the currently adopted format, i.e. a "Russia vs. World" format, against a more standard interconference matchup. The adopted format helps promote the diversity of the league and the league itself outside of Russia.


Team Jágr (World) Team Yashin (Russia)
Coach: Flag of the United States Barry Smith (SKA Saint Petersburg) Flag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.png Sergei Mikhalev (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
Assistant Coaches: Flag of Finland Kari Heikkilä (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl)
Flag of the Czech Republic Vladimír Vůjtek (Dynamo Moscow)
Flag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.png Vyacheslav Bykov (CSKA Moscow)
Flag of Bryansk Oblast.png Igor Zakharkin (CSKA Moscow)

Flag of the Czech Republic 15 - F Jan Marek (Metallurg Magnitogorsk)
Flag of Sweden 86 - F Tony Mårtensson (Ak Bars Kazan)
Flag of the Czech Republic 28 - F Pavel Brendl (Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod)
Flag of Canada 35 - D Kevin Dallman (Barys Astana)
Flag of Canada 05 - D Ray Giroux (SKA Saint Petersburg)
Flag of the United States 31 - G Robert Esche (SKA Saint Petersburg)

Flag of Saint Petersburg.png 33 - F Maxim Sushinsky (SKA Saint Petersburg)
Flag of Chelyabinsk Oblast.png 25 - F Danis Zaripov (Ak Bars Kazan)
Flag of Moscow.png 95 - F Aleksey Morozov (Ak Bars Kazan)
Flag of Moscow Oblast.png 34 - D Vitali Proshkin (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
Flag of Moscow.png 05 - D Ilya Nikulin (Ak Bars Kazan)
Flag of Moscow.png 30 - G Alexander Eremenko (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)


Flag of the Czech Republic 98 - F Jaromír Jágr (Avangard Omsk) (C)
Flag of Slovakia 81 - F Marcel Hossa (Dinamo Riga) (A)
Flag of the Czech Republic 20 - F Jakub Klepiš (Avangard Omsk) (A)
Flag of Slovakia 92 - F Branko Radivojević (Spartak Moscow)
Flag of Finland 12 - F Esa Pirnes (Atlant Moscow)
Flag of the Czech Republic 21 - F Jaroslav Kudrna (Metallurg Magnitogorsk)
Flag of Belarus ## - F Oleg Antonenko (HC MVD)
Flag of Sweden 06 - D Magnus Johansson (Atlant Moscow)
Flag of the Czech Republic 04 - D Karel Rachunek (Dynamo Moscow)
Flag of the United States ## - D Ben Clymer (Dinamo Minsk)
Flag of Canada 01 - G Ray Emery (Atlant Moscow)

Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.png 19 - F Alexei Yashin (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl) (C)
Flag of Komi Republic.png ## - F Andrei Nikolishin (Traktor Chelyabinsk) (A)
Flag of Moscow Oblast.png 32 - F Alexei Kudashov (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl) (A)
Flag of Yaroslavl Oblast.png 10 - F Sergei Mozyakin (Atlant Moscow)
Flag of Moscow.png 27 - F Alexei Tereschenko (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.png 47 - F Alexander Radulov (Salavat Yulaev Ufa)
Flag of Moscow.png ## - F Oleg Saprykin (CSKA Moscow)
Flag of Moscow.png 22 - D Konstantin Korneyev (CSKA Moscow)
Flag of Ukraine 77 - D Alexei Zhitnik (Dynamo Moscow)
Flag of Lithuania ## - D Darius Kasparaitis (SKA Saint Petersburg)
Flag of Tyumen Oblast.png 84 - G Konstantin Barulin (CSKA Moscow)

*International player's flags indicate nation of origin whereas Russian born player's flags indicate the Federal subject of origin. Two players of the Russian side, Kasparaitis and Zhitnik, were born in the former Soviet Union, respectively in Lithuania and Ukraine; they are today Russian citizens.

Game summary and result

Final score: Team Jagr 7-6 Team Yashin

Team          1st     2nd     3rd    Total
Team Jagr 	2 	2 	3 	7
Team Yashin 	1 	3 	2 	6