2009-2010 Season Edit

Final Standings*Edit

Place Team GP W T L PTS
1Ankara University SK1081125
1Baskent Yildizlari SK1081125
3Kocaeli BB Kagitspor1061319
4Polis Akademisi 1041513
5BB Ankara SK102076
6Izmit Sirintepe SK1000100
  • Kocaeli BB had to surrender three of its wins when it was discovered that a player was playing with an illegal transfer card. Therefore for playoff standings, Kocaeli BB would take the 4th seed and Polis would take the 3rd seed.

Teams Edit

Club Home town Arena Founded Rank
Ankara University SKAnkaraBel-Pa1948
Başkent YıldızlarıAnkaraBel-Pa2004
B.B. Ankara SKAnkaraBel-Pa1978
Izmit Sirintepe SKIzmitKocaeli2000
Kocaeli B.B. KağıtIzmitKocaeli2000
Polis AkademisiAnkaraBel-Pa1996

2010 PlayoffsEdit

  Semi-Finals,Feb.27,2010 Finals, Feb.28,2010
1 Ankara University 7  
4 Kocaeli BB 2  
    1 Ankara University 7
  2 Baskent Yildizlari 3
2 Baskent Yildizlari 8
3 Polis Akademsi 1  

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