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The 2008 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships was the 72nd such event hosted by the International Ice Hockey Federation. Teams representing 48 countries will participate in four levels of competition. The competition will also serve as qualifications for the 2009 competition. In the Division I Championship held in April, Austria and Hungary were promoted to the Championship division, while South Korea and Estonia were demoted to Division II. In the Division II competition, Romania and Australia were promoted, Ireland and New Zealand were relegated to Division III. Greece won the Division III qualification in February, and competed in the Division III competition from March to April. In that competition, North Korea and South Africa were promoted to Division II in 2009.

The preliminary rosters are available at the IIHF website, the latest update being for the date of April 26, 2008.[1]


Final standings
  1. Flag of Russia.png Russia
  2. Flag of Canada.jpg Canada
  3. Flag of Finland.png Finland
  4. Flag of Sweden.png Sweden
  5. Flag of the Czech Republic.png Czech Republic
  6. Flag of the United States.png United States of America
  7. Flag of Switzerland.png Switzerland
  8. Flag of Norway.png Norway
  9. Flag of Belarus.png Belarus
  10. Flag of Germany.png Germany
  11. Flag of Latvia.png Latvia
  12. Flag of Denmark.png Denmark
  13. Flag of Slovakia.png Slovakia
  14. Flag of France.png France
  15. Flag of Slovenia.png Sloveniarelegated to Division I for 2009
  16. Flag of Italy.png Italyrelegated to Division I for 2009

Division I

Twelve teams comprise Division I. They are broken into two groups, with the winner of each group gaining promotion to the World Championship pool for the following year.

Group A

Final standings
  1. Flag of Austria.png Austriapromoted to Championship pool for 2009
  2. Flag of Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
  3. Flag of Poland.png Poland
  4. Flag of Great Britain.gif United Kingdom
  5. Flag of the Netherlands.png Netherlands
  6. Flag of Korea.gif South Korearelegated to Division II for 2009

Group B

Final standings
  1. Flag of Hungary.png Hungarypromoted to Championship pool for 2009
  2. Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine
  3. Flag of Japan.gif Japan
  4. Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania
  5. Flag of Croatia.gif Croatia
  6. Flag of Estonia.png Estoniarelegated to Division II for 2009

Division II

Twelve teams comprise Division II. They are also broken into two groups competing to advance into Division I.

Group A

Final standings
  1. Flag of Romania.gif Romaniapromoted to Division I for 2010
  2. Flag of Belgium.gif Belgium
  3. Flag of Serbia.gif Serbia
  4. Flag of Israel.gif Israel
  5. Flag of Bulgaria.png Bulgaria
  6. Flag of Ireland.gif Irelandrelegated to Division III for 2010

Group B

Final standings
  1. Flag of Australia.jpg Australiapromoted to Division I for 2010
  2. Flag of China.gif China
  3. Flag of Spain.gif Spain
  4. Flag of Mexico.gif Mexico
  5. Flag of Iceland.gif Iceland
  6. Flag of New Zealand.gif New Zealandrelegated to Division III for 2010

Division III

Division III is made up of six teams. The top two in each year’s tournament are promoted to Division II.

Final standings
  1. Flag of North Korea.gif North Koreapromoted to Division II for 2009
  2. Flag of South Africa.gif South Africapromoted to Division II for 2009
  3. Flag of Luxembourg.gif Luxembourg
  4. Flag of Turkey.gif Turkey
  5. Flag of Greece.png Greece
  6. Flag of Mongolia.gif Mongolia

Division III Qualification

Three teams comprise the Division III Qualification with the winning team advancing to the 2008 Division III competition.

Final standings
  1. Flag of Greece.png Greecequalified for the 2008 IIHF World Championship Division III
  2. Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Flag of Armenia.gif Armenia


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