This is the 2008-09 Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference season. This was the final season for Providence College. Here are the navigation shortcuts to other seasons and conferences:

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Regular Season[edit | edit source]

Oct 26, 1988 Assiniboine College 4 Canadian Mennonite University 4

Oct 31, 1988 Assiniboine College 1 Providence College 1

Remaining results are not available.

Standings[edit | edit source]

Not available.

Playoffs[edit | edit source]

sudden-death games

Semi-Final[edit | edit source]

Final[edit | edit source]

Canadian Mennonite University Blazers win the 2009 MCAC men's title.

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Under development.

Women’s Playoffs[edit | edit source]

Women’s Round-Robin[edit | edit source]

Women's Final[edit | edit source]

Assiniboine College Cougars win the 2009 MCAC women's title.

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