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==Also see==
==See Also==
[[List of CWUAA Seasons]]
'''National links:'''
*[[Canadian Interuniversity Sport]]
*[[List of University Cup Playoffs|List of University Cup Playoffs (from 1962-63 to present)]]
*[[List of University Cup Champions]]
'''Western links:'''
*[[Canada West Universities Athletic Association]] ''* includes past champions and external links''
*[[List of CWUAA Seasons|List of CWUAA Seasons (from 1972-73 to present)]]
*[[Great_Plains_Athletic_Association|Great Plains Athletic Conference]]
*[[List of GPAA Seasons|List of GPAC Seasons (from 1972-73 to 1984-85)]]
*[[List of WIAA Seasons|List of WIAA Seasons (from 1962-63 to 1971-72)]]
*[[List of WCIAU Seasons|List of WCIAU Seasons (from 1918-19 to 1961-62)]]
'''Atlantic links:'''
*[[Atlantic University Sport]]
*[[List of AUS Seasons|List of AUS Seasons (from 1919-20 to present) ]]
'''Ontario-Quebec links:'''
*[[Ontario University Athletics]]
*[[RSEQ (formerly Quebec Student Sports Federation)]]
*[[List of OUA Seasons|List of OUA Seasons (from 1902-03 to present, includes QOAA &amp; OUAA)]]
*[[Ontario_Intercollegiate_AA|Ontario Intercollegiate Athletic Association (with seasons from 1965 to 1971)]]
*[[Ottawa St Lawrence Conference|Ottawa St. Lawrence Conference (with seasons from 1951 to 1971)]]
*[[List of QUAA Seasons|List of QUAA Seasons (from 1971-72 to 1986-87)]]
*[[List of Intermediate Intercollegiate Seasons|List of Intermediate Intercollegiate Seasons (from 1902-03 to 1938-39)]]
*[[Ontario-Quebec Intermediate Intercollegiate series|Ontario-Quebec Intermediate Intercollegiate series (from 1902-03 to 1934-35)]]
*[[Senior_Intercollegiate_League|Senior Intercollegiate League (1945-46)]]
*[[International Intercollegiate League|International Intercollegiate League (from 1936-37 to 1939-40)]]
*[[West Point Weekend]]
'''College links:'''
*[[Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference]]
*[[British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League|British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (from 2005-06 to present)]]
*[[Canadian Colleges Athletic Association|Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (from 1975 to 2001)]]
*[[List of OCAA Seasons|List of OCAA Seasons (from 1967-68 to 2003-04)]]
==External Links==
*[http://english.cis-sic.ca/sports/mice/index CIS Men's Hockey Site]
*[http://www.canadawest.org/index.aspx?path=mhockey& Canada West Men's Hockey Site]
*[http://www.leaguestat.com/canadawest/mens/en/stats/schedule.php LeagueStat Daily Scores]
*[http://athletics.ualberta.ca/teams/hockey-m Alberta Golden Bears]
*[http://www.godinos.com/index.aspx?tab=menshockey&path=mhockey Calgary Dinosaurs]
*[http://gohorns.ca/index.aspx?path=mhockey&tab=menshockey2 Lethbridge Pronghorns]
*[http://gobisons.ca/index.aspx?path=mhockey Manitoba Bisons]
*[http://www.mrucougars.com/index.aspx?path=mhockey&tab=hockey Mount Royal Cougars]
*[http://www.reginacougars.com/index.aspx?path=mhockey& Regina Cougars]
*[http://huskies.usask.ca/sports/mens-hockey.php Saskatchewan Huskies]
*[http://www.gothunderbirds.ca/index.aspx?tab=icehockey%28m%29&path=mhockey UBC Thunderbirds]
*[http://client.stretchinternet.com/client/canadawest.portal CanadaWest.tv]

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