Semi Finals Finals
1 Huntsville Channel Cats  
    1 Huntsville Channel Cats 3
  2 Knoxville Ice Bears 0
2 Knoxville Ice Bears 2
3 Cape Fear Fire Antz 0  

(1) Huntsville Channel CatsEdit

The Huntsville Channel Cats got a bye for the Semi Finals round of the playoffs. Huntsville will play the winner of the Semi Finals for the championship.

Semi FinalsEdit

(2) Knoxville Ice Bears vs. (3) Cape Fear Fire AntzEdit

Game-by-Game Score Knoxville goals Cape Fear goals Winning goalie
1March 26at Knoxville 6, Cape Fear 2 Kevin Swider, Alex Alepin, Todd MacIsaac 2, K.J. Voorhees 2Scott Young, David Bagley Blaine Russell
2March 28at Knoxville 4, Cape Fear 3 Kevin Swider, Ali MacEachern, Alex Alepin, Craig DesjarlaisMike Bournazakis, Matt Kohansky 2Blaine Russell
Knoxville win series 2-0Swider 2, Alepin 2,MacIsaac 2Kohansky 2


Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

(1) Huntsville Channel Cats vs. (2) Knoxville Ice BearsEdit

Game-by-Game Score Huntsville goals Knoxville goals Winning goalie
1April 1at Huntsville 6, Knoxville 4 Jessi Otis, Allan Carr 3, James Patterson, Dan Buccella Kevin Swider, Rob Miller, Tom McMonagle, Mike Zeibaq?Matt Carmichael
2April 2at Huntsville 3, Knoxville 1 Joe Urbanik, Luke Phillips, Mike Degurse K.J. Voorhees Matt Carmichael
3April 4at Knoxville 2, Huntsville 4 Mike Degurse 3, James Patterson Kevin Swider, Craig DesjarlaisMatt Carmichael
Huntsville win series 3-0Degurse 4, Carr 3, Patterson 2 Swider 2

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