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Three teams registered in Senior AAA with Hockey Manitoba, to challenge for the Manitoba Championship, the Pattison Cup.


Ile des Chenes North Stars, affiliated with Foxwarren Falcons
La Broquerie Habs, affiliated with St. Malo Warriors
Warroad Islanders, affiliated with Springfield 98's

Round Robin

Game Visitor Goals Home Goals Date Venue
1 Ile des Chenes 6 Warroad 2 Friday, March 7 Ile des Chenes
2 La Broquerie 9 Ile des Chenes 2 Saturday, March 8 Ile des Chenes
3 Warroad 7 La Broquerie 4 Sunday, March 9 Ile des Chenes
La Broquerie Habs eliminated


Visitor Goals Home Goals Date Venue
Warroad 7 Ile des Chenes 8 Monday, March 10 Ile des Chenes
Ile des Chenes North Stars defeated Warroad Islanders

Ile des Chenes North Stars won the Pattison Cup and advanced to the 2003 Man Sask Senior Playoff
Manitoba Senior AAA Hockey History

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