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For the 2002-03 season, Hockey Manitoba awarded the
Provincial Championship, the Baldy Northcott Trophy,
to the winner of the Provincial Junior B Final Five Tournament.

The winner and runner-up from both the Manitoba Junior B Hockey League and the Northwest Junior Hockey League, plus a host team from one of the two leagues participates.

The event was held from March 28-30 in Winnipeg.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Results[edit | edit source]

  • Selkirk - Norway House 6:4
  • St. Claude - North Winnipeg 4:3
  • NCN Flames - Selkirk 4:4
  • NCN Flames - North Winnipeg 7:3
  • Norway House - St. Claude 11:5
  • NCN Flames - Norway House 10:2
  • North Winnipeg - Selkirk 7:1
  • Selkirk - St. Claude 3:1
  • Norway House - North Winnipeg
  • St. Claude - NCN Flames
3rd place
  • St. Clause - Norway House 9:2
  • Selkirk - NCN Flames 6:5 2OT
Selkirk Fishermen won the Baldy Northcott Trophy and advanced to the 2003 Keystone Cup

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