The Anavet Cup is for the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Tier II Junior "A" Championship.
The best of seven game series is between the Turnbull Cup and Credential Cup Champions.
The winner advancing to the Royal Bank Cup tournament for the Canadian Championship.

  2003 Anavet Cup
SJHL Humboldt Broncos 4
MJHL OCN Blizzard 1


Game Visitors Goals Home Team Goals
1 Humboldt Broncos 6 OCN Blizzard 4
2 Humboldt Broncos 5 OCN Blizzard 3
3 OCN Blizzard 6 Humboldt Broncos 3
4 OCN Blizzard 3 Humboldt Broncos 5
5 OCN Blizzard 1 Humboldt Broncos 8

Humboldt Broncos move on to the 2003 Royal Bank Cup.

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