The 2002 Men's Ice Hockey Championships were held between April 26 and May 11, 2002 in Gothenburg, Karlstad and Jönköping, Sweden.

It was the 66th annual event, and was run by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

Championship Edit

The Championship division was contested from April 26 to May 11, 2002. Participants in this tournament were placed into groups of four with the top three teams in each group advancing to the qualifying round. Teams which finished last in the group were sent to the relegation round where the top bottom teams were relegated to the 2003 Division I tournament. Within the qualifying round teams where split into two groups of six with the top four advancing to the playoff round and the bottom two eliminated from advancing. The playoff round was a knockout stage towards the gold medal game. The Championship was played in Gothenburg, Sweden. Slovakia won the gold medal game, defeating Russia 4–3. While Poland and Italy were relegated to Division I for 2003.[1]

Final standings
  1. Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
  2. Flag of Russia Russia
  3. Flag of Sweden Sweden
  4. Flag of Finland Finland
  5. Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
  6. Flag of Canada Canada
  7. Flag of the United States United States of America
  8. Flag of Germany Germany
  9. Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
  10. Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
  11. Flag of Latvia Latvia
  12. Flag of Austria Austria
  13. Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
  14. Flag of Poland Polandrelegated to Division I for 2003
  15. Flag of Italy Italyrelegated to Division I for 2003
  16. Flag of Japan JapanFar Eastern qualifier for 2003

Division I Edit

Group A Edit

Group A was played in Eindhoven, The Netherlands between April 14 and April 20, 2002.

Flag of Belarus Belarus 5500451010
Flag of France France 54012768
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 530230146
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 520319304
Flag of Croatia Croatia 51046322
Flag of Korea South Korea 50057420

Scores Edit

Team Flag of Belarus BLR Flag of Croatia CRO Flag of France FRA Flag of Kazakhstan KAZ Flag of Korea KOR Flag of the Netherlands NED
Flag of Belarus BLR   9–0 3–1 6–4 12–1 15–4
Flag of Croatia CRO 0–9   1–6 0–12 3–1 2–4
Flag of France FRA 1–3 6–1   6–0 10–0 4–2
Flag of Kazakhstan KAZ 4–6 12–0 0–6   10–0 4–2
Flag of Korea KOR 1–12 1–3 0–10 0–10   5–7
Flag of the Netherlands NED 4–15 4–2 2–4 2–4 7–5  

Group B Edit

Group B was played in Szekesfehervar and Dunaujvaros, Hungary between April 14 and April 20, 2002.

Flag of Denmark Denmark 5500401010
Flag of Hungary Hungary 54011998
Flag of Norway Norway 530226116
Flag of Great Britain United Kingdom 520318164
Flag of Romania Romania 510410312
Flag of China China 50057430

Scores Edit

Team Flag of China CHN Flag of Denmark DEN Flag of the United Kingdom GBR Flag of Hungary HUN Flag of Norway NOR Flag of Romania ROU
Flag of China CHN   0–13 3–8 0–6 2–12 2–4
Flag of Denmark DEN 13–0   5–3 6–2 4–3 12–2
Flag of the United Kingdom GBR 8–3 3–5   1–4 1–2 5–2
Flag of Hungary HUN 6–0 2–6 4–1   3–1 4–1
Flag of Norway NOR 12–2 3–4 2–1 1–3   8–1
Flag of Romania ROU 4–2 2–12 2–5 1–4 1–8  

Flag of Belarus Belarus and Flag of Denmark Denmark are promoted to the 2003 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships, while Flag of China China and Flag of Korea South Korea are relegated to Division II.

Division II Edit

Group A Edit

Group A was played in Cape Town, South Africa between March 31 and April 6, 2002.

Flag of Estonia Estonia 550074710
Flag of Belgium Belgium 540137118
Flag of Israel Israel 530214226
Flag of Australia Australia 520332394
Flag of South Africa South Africa 510413372
Flag of Turkey Turkey 50053570

Scores Edit

Team Flag of Australia AUS Flag of Belgium BEL Flag of Estonia EST Flag of Israel ISR Flag of South Africa RSA Flag of Turkey TUR
Flag of Australia AUS   4–9 4–20 5–6 8–4 11–0
Flag of Belgium BEL 9–4   3–4 3–1 10–0 12–2
Flag of Estonia EST 20–4 4–3   11–0 15–0 24–0
Flag of Israel ISR 6–5 1–3 0–11   4–2 3–1
Flag of South Africa RSA 4–8 0–10 0–15 2–4   7–0
Flag of Turkey TUR 0–11 2–12 0–24 1–3 0–7  

Group B Edit

Group B was played in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia between March 25 and March 31, 2002.

Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 550071610
Flag of FR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 540134108
Flag of Spain Spain 530228226
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 520330294
Flag of Iceland Iceland 510414442
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg 50052680

Scores Edit

Team Flag of Bulgaria BUL Flag of Iceland ISL Flag of Lithuania LTU Flag of Luxembourg LUX Flag of Spain ESP Flag of FR Yugoslavia YUG
Flag of Bulgaria BUL   5–4 3–13 17–2 3–5 2–5
Flag of Iceland ISL 4–5   0–20 8–0 1–11 1–8
Flag of Lithuania LTU 13–3 20–0   20–0 11–2 7–1
Flag of Luxembourg LUX 2–17 0–8 0–20   0–10 0–13
Flag of Spain ESP 5–3 11–1 2–11 10–0   0–7
Flag of FR Yugoslavia YUG 5–2 8–1 1–7 13–0 7–0  

Flag of Estonia Estonia and Flag of Lithuania Lithuania are promoted to Division I, while Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg and Flag of Turkey Turkey are relegated to Division III.

Division II Qualification Edit

Division II Qualification for the tournament took place between April 11 and April 13, 2002 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Flag of North Korea North Korea 22001844
Flag of Mexico Mexico 20117131
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 20119171

All times local

April 11, 2002
North Korea Flag of North Korea 11–3 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
April 12, 2002
Mexico Flag of Mexico 1–7 Flag of North Korea North Korea
April 13, 2002
New Zealand Flag of New Zealand 6–6 Flag of Mexico Mexico

Flag of North Korea North Korea and Flag of Mexico Mexico are promoted to Division II.


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