This is the 1995-96 North Central Hockey League season, the league's 39th season.

Regular SeasonEdit

North Division
1 Grandview Comets 20 15 5 0 164 99 30
2 Swan Valley Axemen 20 13 6 1 146 116 27
3 Russell Rams 20 12 8 0 169 107 24
4 Ebb and Flow Flyers 20 9 11 0 141 145 18
5 Roblin North Stars 20 5 15 0 111 157 10
6 McCreary Mustangs 20 2 17 1 114 221 5

Note: 2 wins taken away from Russell and 1 from Ebb and Flow for not following MAHA player registration rules

South Division

Virden Oil Kings
Miniota Night Hawks
Blanshard Bobcats
Minnedosa Bombers
Birtle Bruins
Sioux Valley Dakotas
Kenton Cougars
Hamiota Huskies
Rossburn Hornets
Shoal Lake Eagles

in order of finish


North Division Preliminary Round
Round Robin A
Russell defeated McCreary 10-goals-to-7
Grandview defeated McCreary 10-goals-to-6
Russell defeated Grandview 6-goals-to-3
Grandview defeated McCreary
Russell defeated Grandview 10-goals-to-4
Round Robin B
Ebb and Flow defeated Swan Valley 9-goals-to-7
Swan Valley defeated Roblin 8-goals-to-3
Roblin defeated Ebb and Flow
Swan Valley defeated Ebb and Flow 7-goals-to-4
Swan Valley defeated Roblin 10-goals-to-4
Ebb and Flow vs Roblin
South Division Quarter Finals
Virden defeated Hamiota 3-games-to-none
Miniota defeated Kenton
Blanshard defeated Sioux Valley
Birtle defeated Minnedosa
Division Semi Finals
Swan Valley defeated Grandview 3-games-to-1
Russell defeated Ebb and Flow 3-games-to-1
Birtle defeated Virden 3-games-to-1
Blanshard defeated Miniota 3-games-to-1
Division Finals
Russell defeated Swan Valley 3-games-to-none
Blanshard defeated Birtle 3-games-to-2
Russell defeated Blanshard 3-games-to-none
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