The 1992 NHL Expansion Draft was held on June 18, 1992. The draft took place to fill the rosters of the league's two expansion teams for the 1992–93 season, the Ottawa Senators and the Tampa Bay Lightning.


21 of the 22 franchises in the league at the time of the draft were allowed to protect two goaltenders and fourteen position players (the San Jose Sharks were the only team exempt of protection restrictions as they were an expansion team the previous season). Beyond that, every team had to make available at least one goaltender who had played at least one game in the 1991–92 NHL season. This clause (known to the league teams far in advance) led to several trades so that teams could fulfill the requirement without exposing their two lead goaltenders. It also led to anomalies such as Ray LeBlanc (the star of the 1992 United States Olympic team) being put into the only NHL game of his career so that the Chicago Blackhawks could expose him, and therefore would not have to expose Ed Belfour, Dominik Hasek or Jimmy Waite.

There were 42 players selected in the draft, two from each participating franchise. The Lightning and Senators were each to pick two goaltenders, seven defensemen and twelve forwards.

Draft resultsEdit

# Player Drafted from Drafted by
1. Peter Sidorkiewicz (G) Hartford Whalers Ottawa Senators
2. Wendell Young (G) Pittsburgh Penguins Tampa Bay Lightning
3. Mark Laforest (G) New York Rangers Ottawa Senators
4. Frederic Chabot (G) Montreal Canadiens Tampa Bay Lightning
5. Brad Shaw (D) New Jersey Devils Ottawa Senators
6. Joe Reekie (D) New York Islanders Tampa Bay Lightning
7. Shawn Chambers (D) Washington Capitals Tampa Bay Lightning
8. Darren Rumble (D) Philadelphia Flyers Ottawa Senators
9. Peter Taglianetti (D) Pittsburgh Penguins Tampa Bay Lightning
10. Dominic Lavoie (D) St. Louis Blues Ottawa Senators
11. Brad Miller (D) Buffalo Sabres Ottawa Senators
12. Bob McGill (D) Detroit Red Wings Tampa Bay Lightning
13. Ken Hammond (D) Vancouver Canucks Ottawa Senators
14. Jeff Bloemberg (D) New York Rangers Tampa Bay Lightning
15. Doug Crossman (D) Quebec Nordiques Tampa Bay Lightning
16. Kent Paynter (D) Winnipeg Jets Ottawa Senators
17. Rob Ramage (D) Minnesota North Stars Tampa Bay Lightning
18. John Van Kessel (D) Los Angeles Kings Ottawa Senators
19. Michel Mongeau (C) St. Louis Blues Tampa Bay Lightning
20. Sylvain Turgeon (LW) Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators
21. Mike Peluso (F) Chicago Blackhawks Ottawa Senators
22. Anatoli Semenov (C) Edmonton Oilers Tampa Bay Lightning
23. Rob Murphy (C) Vancouver Canucks Ottawa Senators
24. Mike Hartman (LW) Winnipeg Jets Tampa Bay Lightning
25. Mark Lamb (C) Edmonton Oilers Ottawa Senators
26. Basil McRae (LW) Minnesota North Stars Tampa Bay Lightning
27. Laurie Boschman (F) New Jersey Devils Ottawa Senators
28. Rob DiMaio (RW) New York Islanders Tampa Bay Lightning
29. Jim Thomson (RW) Los Angeles Kings Ottawa Senators
30. Steve Maltais (W) Quebec Nordiques Tampa Bay Lightning
31. Lonnie Loach (LW) Detroit Red Wings Ottawa Senators
32. Dan Vincelette (LW) Chicago Blackhawks Tampa Bay Lightning
33. Mark Freer (C) Philadelphia Flyers Ottawa Senators
34. Tim Bergland (RW) Washington Capitals Tampa Bay Lightning
35. Chris Lindberg (LW) Calgary Flames Ottawa Senators
36. Brian Bradley (C) Toronto Maple Leafs Tampa Bay Lightning
37. Jeff Lazaro (RW) Boston Bruins Ottawa Senators
38. Keith Osborne (RW) Toronto Maple Leafs Tampa Bay Lightning
39. Darcy Loewen (LW) Buffalo Sabres Ottawa Senators
40. Shayne Stevenson (C) Boston Bruins Tampa Bay Lightning
41. Blair Atcheynum (RW) Hartford Whalers Ottawa Senators
42. Tim Hunter (F) Calgary Flames Tampa Bay Lightning


Among players selected in the 1992 NHL Expansion Draft and then moved before the start of the 1992–93 season were the following:

Tampa Bay:

  • Frederic Chabot (traded to Montreal for Jean-Claude Bergeron on June 18, 1992)
  • Tim Hunter (traded to Quebec for future considerations on June 19, 1992)
  • Jeff Bloemberg (traded to Edmonton for future considerations on September 25, 1992)

ReferencesEdit Ottawa Senators 1992 NHL Expansion Draft Selections
Usenet post on draft order (copied from The Hockey News)
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