This is the 1991-92 South Interlake Hockey League season. 

Teams[edit | edit source]

Warren Mercs
Stonewall Flyers
Fisher River Terriers
Teulon Tigers
Ashern Hornets
Arborg Falcons
Stonewall Jets
Lundar Falcons
Fisher Branch Blades
Gimli Wolves did not finish

in order of finish

Playoffs[edit | edit source]

Quarter Finals
Warren defeated Lundar 2-games-to-none
Stonewall Flyers defeated Stonewall Jets
Fisher River defeated Arborg
Ashern defeated Teulon 2-games-to-none
Semi Finals
Warren defeated Ashern 3-games-to-none
Stonewall Flyers defeated Fisher River 3-games-to-none
Warren defeated Stonewall Flyers 3-games-to-1
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