These playoffs determined the Eastern Canadian representative in the 1988 Allan Cup final.

Champions[edit | edit source]

Final[edit | edit source]

Best of 7

  • Charlottetown 3 Dundas 2
  • Dundas 8 Charlottetown 5
  • Dundas 4 Charlottetown 3
  • Dundas 6 Charlottetown 5 - game was awarded to Charlottetown, see below
  • Charlottetown 4 Dundas 3
  • Charlottetown 5 Dundas 4

After the fourth game, Charlottetown filed a protest about the fact that Dundas had only dressed one goalie for the game, while the rules stipulated that teams must dress two goaltenders. They won the protest and were granted a win by forfeit.

Charlottetown Islanders beat Dundas Real McCoys 4 wins to 2.

Charlottetown Islanders advanced to the 1988 Allan Cup Final.

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