The 1982 NCAA Men's Division I Ice Hockey Tournament was the culmination of the 1981–82 season in men's ice hockey for teams in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The North Dakota Fighting Sioux defeated the Wisconsin Badgers in the championship game, held in Providence, Rhode Island.

Qualifying teams[1]Edit

The NCAA permitted 8 teams to qualify for the tournament and divided its qualifiers into two regions (East and West). Each of the tournament champions from the three Division I conferences (CCHA, ECAC and WCHA) received automatic invitations into the tournament. Two additional automatic bids were received by the two ECAC division champions that did not contain the ECAC champion. At-large bids made up the remaining 3 teams, an additional 1 eastern and 2 western schools.

East West
Seed School Conference Record Berth type Appearance Last bid Seed School Conference Record Berth type Appearance Last bid
1 Northeastern ECAC Hockey 23–8–1 Tournament champion 1st Never 1 Wisconsin WCHA 32–10–1 Tournament champion 7th 1981
2 New Hampshire ECAC Hockey 20–12–0 At-large bid 3rd 1979 2 North Dakota WCHA 31–12–0 At-large bid 9th 1980
3 Clarkson ECAC Hockey 26–6–1 Division champion 8th 1981 3 Michigan State CCHA 26–12–2 Tournament champion 4th 1967
4 Harvard ECAC Hockey 13–13–2 Division champion 8th 1975 4 Bowling Green CCHA 27–12–1 At-large bid 4th 1979

Tournament bracketEdit

The quarter-finals were two-game total-goals series. The semi-finals and finals were single elimination games.

The quarter-finals were two-game total-goals series. The semi-finals and finals were single elimination games.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
Northeastern 2 3 OT 5
Bowling Green 2 2 4
Northeastern 2
North Dakota 6
North Dakota 5 2 7
Clarkson 1 1 2
North Dakota 5
Wisconsin 2
Wisconsin 6 4 10
Harvard 1 3 7
Wisconsin 5 Third place
New Hampshire 0
New Hampshire 3 6 9 Northeastern 10
Michigan St. 2 2 4 New Hampshire 4


(E1) Northeastern vs. (W4) Bowling GreenEdit

Northeastern won series 5–4

(E2) New Hampshire vs. (W3) Michigan StateEdit

New Hampshire won series 9–4

(W1) Wisconsin vs. (E4) HarvardEdit

Wisconsin won series 10–4

(W2) North Dakota vs. (E3) ClarksonEdit

North Dakota won series 7–2


(E1) Northeastern vs. (W2) North DakotaEdit

(W1) Wisconsin vs. (E2) New HampshireEdit

Third Place GameEdit

(E1) Northeastern vs. (E2) New HampshireEdit

Championship gameEdit

March 27, 1982
North Dakota Fighting Sioux 5–2 Wisconsin Badgers Providence Civic Center

Attendance: 9752

White (Sykes, Fester) 1:26 First

Sykes (Sherven) 1:09 Second Sykes (Ludwig, White) 6:27 Third Eades (Murray, Dachyshyn) 10:07 Third Sykes (White, Zombo) 15:08 Third

Vincent (Thomas) 3:56 First

Newberry (Pearson, Flatley) 5:30 Second

All-tournament teamEdit

Darren Jensen, North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Bruce Driver, Wisconsin Badgers
James Patrick, North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Cary Eades, North Dakota Fighting Sioux
John Newberry, Wisconsin Badgers
Phil Sykes, North Dakota Fighting Sioux

See AlsoEdit

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