1976 Olympics

At the 1976 Winter Olympics held in Innsbruck, Austria, the Soviet Union won the Gold Medal in ice hockey. Star forward, Valeri Kharlamov scored the game-winning goal in the final game. Games were held at the Olympiahalle Innsbruck.


The main rivalry in the tournament was between the USSR and Czechoslovakian national teams. The Czechoslovakian team suffered from influenza throughout the tournament, and they finished the game against Poland with only twelve players on the bench. A doping test of one of the players was positive and a loss was recorded for the Czechoslovakian team, although Poland did not receive points.

In the final, Czechoslovakia was up 2-0 after the first period. In the second the score was tied by Vladimir Shadrin and Vladimir Petrov. Eight minutes before the end of the game Eduard Novak scored the third goal for the Czechoslovakian team. But subsequent goals by Aleksandr Yakushev and one minute later by Valeri Kharlamov lead to the victory of the USSR.



Gold Silver
Soviet Union
Vladislav Tretiak
Alexander Sidelnikov
Aleksandr Gusev
Vladimir Lutchenko
Sergei Babinov
Yuri Lyapkin
Gennadiy Tsygankov
Sergei Kapustin
Aleksandr Maltsev
Boris Aleksandrov
Boris Mikhailov
Alexander Yakushev
Vladimir Petrov
Valeri Kharlamov
Vladimir Shadrin
Valeri Vasiliev
Viktor Shalimov
Viktor Zhluktov
Jiri Holik
Oldřich Macháč
František Pospíšil
Jiří Holeček
Bohuslav Šťastný
Ivan Hlinka
Vladimír Martinec
Eduard Novák
Josef Augusta
Jiří Bubla
Milan Chalupa
Jiří Crha
Miroslav Dvořák
Bohuslav Ebermann
Milan Kajkl
Jiří Novák
Milan Nový
Jaroslav Pouzar
West Germany
Lorenz Funk
Ernst Köpf, Sr.
Alois Schloder
Rudolf Thanner
Josef Völk
Anton Kehle
Erich Kühnhackl
Rainer Philipp
Klaus Auhuber
Ignaz Berndaner
Wolfgang Boos
Martin Hinterstocker
Udo Kiessling
Walter Köberle
Stefan Metz
Franz Reindl
Ferenc Vozar
Erich Weißhaupt

Qualification matchesEdit

Winners qualify for the Group A to play for 1st-6th places. Other teams played in Group B for 7th-12th places. Canada withdrew from international amateur hockey entirely because of disagreements over professionals not being allowed to play, therefore they did not send a team to the 1976 Winter Olympics. Sweden also withdrew from these Olympics because of amateur-professional disputes.

  • February 2
    • Poland 7-4 Romania
    • Czechoslovakia 14-1 Bulgaria
    • West Germany 5-1 Switzerland
  • February 3
    • USSR 16-3 Austria
    • Finland 11-2 Japan
    • USA 8-4 Yugoslavia

Group AEdit

First place team wins gold, second silver and third bronze.

Rank Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Soviet Union 5500401110
2 Czechoslovakia 532017106
3 West Germany 523021244
4 Finland 523019184
5 United States 523015214
6 Poland 51409370
  • February 6
    • Czechoslovakia 2-1 Finland
    • West Germany 7-4 Poland
    • USSR 6-2 USA
  • February 8
    • Finland 5-3 West Germany
    • USSR 16-1 Poland
    • Czechoslovakia 5-0 USA
  • February 10
    • USSR 7-3 West Germany
    • Poland 1-0* Czechoslovakia
    • USA 5-4 Finland
  • February 12
    • Czechoslovakia 7-4 West Germany
    • USA 7-2 Poland
    • USSR 7-2 Finland
  • February 14
    • USSR 4-3 Czechoslovakia
    • Finland 7-1 Poland
    • West Germany 4-1 USA

* Note: The score after the Czechoslovakia vs Poland match was 7-1, but due to the positive doping test of one of the Czechoslovakian players, the team was recorded a nil-1 loss. Poland didn't receive any points.

Group BEdit

Teams, which lost their games in the qualification round, played in this group.

Rank Pld W L T GF GA Pts
7 Romania 541023158
8 Austria 532018146
9 Japan 532020186
10 Yugoslavia 532022196
11 Switzerland 523024224
12 Bulgaria 505019380
  • February 5
    • Yugoslavia 6-4 Switzerland
    • Romania 3-1 Japan
    • Austria 6-2 Bulgaria
  • February 7
    • Yugoslavia 4-3 Romania
    • Switzerland 8-3 Bulgaria
    • Austria 3-2 Japan
  • February 9
    • Yugoslavia 8-5 Bulgaria
    • Austria 3-4 Romania
    • Japan 6-4 Switzerland
  • February 11
    • Romania 9-4 Bulgaria
    • Austria 3-5 Switzerland
    • Japan 4-3 Yugoslavia
  • February 13
    • Romania 4-3 Switzerland
    • Japan 7-5 Bulgaria
    • Austria 3-1 Yugoslavia

Leading scorersEdit

Rk GP G A Pts
1 Flag of the Soviet Union Vladimir Shadrin 56410
2 Flag of the Soviet Union Aleksandr Maltsev 55510
2 Flag of the Soviet Union Viktor Shalimov 55510
2 Flag of Germany Erich Kuhnhackl 55510
2 Flag of the Soviet Union Valeri Kharlamov 55510
6 Flag of Germany Ernst Kopf Sr. 5358
7 Flag of the Soviet Union Vladimir Petrov 5437
8 Flag of the Soviet Union Alexander Yakushev 5347
8 Flag of the United States Bob Dobek 5347
10 Flag of Germany Lorenz Funk 5257

Final rankingEdit

  1. Flag of the Soviet UnionSoviet Union
  2. Flag of CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia
  3. Flag of GermanyWest Germany
  4. Flag of FinlandFinland
  5. Flag of the United StatesUnited States
  6. Flag of PolandPoland
  7. Flag of RomaniaRomania
  8. Flag of AustriaAustria
  9. Flag of JapanJapan
  10. Flag of SFR YugoslaviaYugoslavia
  11. Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  12. Flag of BulgariaBulgaria

Team PhotosEdit


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