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The 1974 Summit Series was the second of two competitions between Soviet and Canadian professional players. Canada was represented by World Hockey Association players instead of National Hockey League players, as it had been in the 1972 Summit Series. The Soviet team won the series 4-1-3 over Canada. The format was the same as the 1972 Summit Series, with four games across Canada and four in Moscow. Canada's lone victory came at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.

WHA players had been banned from playing in the 1972 series. Bobby Hull, who had just jumped from the NHL to the Winnipeg Jets, had been named to the Canadian team by Harry Sinden, but was not allowed to participate. The 1974 series was an opportunity for Hull and 46-year old Gordie Howe to play for Canada against the Soviet team.

In 1974, the two-season-old WHA was largely composed of players scavenged from the minor leagues mixed with a few NHL stars and aging veterans. Playing on both the 1972 and 1974 teams for Canada were Paul Henderson, Frank Mahovlich and Pat Stapleton. The last active player from the series was Mark Howe, who retired in 1995.


Games[edit | edit source]

USSR Wins Series 4-1-3


Scoring leaders[edit | edit source]

  1. Flag of Canada Bobby Hull (7g, 2a, 9pts)
  2. Flag of Soviet Union Alexander Yakushev (5g, 3a, 8pts)
  3. Flag of Canada Ralph Backstrom (4g, 4a, 8pts)
  4. Flag of Canada Gordie Howe (3g, 4a, 7pts)
  5. Flag of Soviet Union Valery Kharlamov (2g, 5a, 7pts)
  6. Flag of Soviet Union Vladimir Petrov (1g, 6a, 7pts)
  7. Flag of Canada André Lacroix (1g, 6a, 7pts)
  8. Flag of Soviet Union Boris Mikhailov (4g, 2a, 6pts)
  9. Flag of Canada Mark Howe (2g, 4a, 6pts)
  10. Flag of Canada John McKenzie (2g, 3a, 5pts)

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