This is a list of Can-Am Junior Hockey League Standings for the 1972-73 season.


The Can-Am league lasted one season before mutating into the Midwest Junior Hockey League. The CAJHL co-existed with the Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League. The TBJHL was a merger between the remaining Jr. A teams from the Junior A league (Fort William Canadians and Thunder Bay Eagles) and the old Junior B league. The winner of the Canadians and Eagles would be TBJHL Champions and enter into the CAJHL semi-final.


Team                        GP    W    L    T  OTL   GF    GA     P
St. Paul Jr. Stars          32    27   3    2   -    170   79     56
Thunder Bay Centennials     34    13   15   6   -    151   142    32
Minneapolis Bruins          33    13   19   1   -    114   135    27
Westfort Hurricanes         31    5    21   5   -    94    178    15



Thunder Bay Centennials defeated Westfort Hurricanes 4-games-to-2


Thunder Bay Centennials defeated Fort William Canadians (TBJHL) 2-games-to-none
St. Paul Jr. Stars defeated Minneapolis Bruins by default, Bruins forfeit late in Game 1


St. Paul Jr. Stars defeated Thunder Bay Centennials 4-games-to-none

St. Paul Vulcans (changed name) move on to 1973 Hewitt-Dudley Memorial Trophy.


  • Devan Mighton/The Chronicle-Journal
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