This is the 1971-72 Quebec Universities Athletic Association season, the first one for the conference. It included two Quebec-based teams from the QOAA and five Quebec-based teams and one Ontario-based team from the OSLC. This was the final season for the Universite de Montreal.

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 1970-71 OSLC Season  :  1971-72 WIAA Season
 1971-72 OUAA Season  :  1971-72 AUAA Season
 1972 University Cup


Loyola College Warriors             16- 2-3-35
Sir George Williams Georgians       13- 6-2-28
Sherbrooke Vert et Or               12- 6-3-27
Bishop's Gaiters                    11- 8-2-24
Montreal Carabins                   10- 7-4-24
UQTR Patriotes                       7-10-4-18
Royal Military College Paladins      4-15-2-10
McGill Redmen                        1-20-0- 2


All sudden death @ Montreal.



Sir George Williams Georgians (as conference champions) advanced to the 1972 University Cup tournament.

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Both @ Montreal

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