These are the 1971-72 Eastern Canada Intermediate Playoffs. The winner receives the Col. J. Bourque Trophy and moves on to the 1971-72 Hardy Cup Championships.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Playdowns[edit | edit source]


Campbellton Tigers defeated Embrun Panthers 2-games-to-1
(4-5, 10-2, 7-3)
Antigonish Bulldogs defeated Labrador City Carol Lakers 2-games-to-none
(6-5, 6-3)


Campbellton Tigers defeated Antigonish Bulldogs 2-games-to-none
( , 9-2)


Campbellton Tigers defeated Lively Cyclones 2-games-to-none
(12-2, 10-4)

Campbellton Tigers move on to the 1971-72 Hardy Cup Championships.
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