The 1969 Canadian Hockey Association Championship was an infamous series played by the champions of the the rebel Western Canada Junior Hockey League and Western Ontario Junior A Hockey League in Late April and Early May 1969. Roughly three and a half games would be played between these two teams in St. Thomas, Ontario and Flin Flon, Manitoba. The series was never completed, but awarded to Flin Flon.



  • Game 1: Apr.30 Flin Flon 6 - St. Thomas 2 @ St. Thomas
  • Game 2: May 2 St. Thomas 6 - Flin Flon 3 @ St. Thomas
  • Game 3: May 4 Flin Flon 5 - St. Thomas 0 @ Flin Flon
  • Game 4: May 5 Flin Flon 4 - St. Thomas 0 (10:10 2nd Period after brawl) @ Flin Flon

After the second brawl of the game, the St. Thomas Barons walked off the ice. The referee gave them time to come back, but when it was obvious they would not return to the ice, he called the game and awarded it to Flin Flon.


  • Each team accused the other of being too dirty
  • CHA seized all of St. Thomas's gate from Flin Flon trip, equipment, and jerseys
  • Series was awarded to Flin Flon
  • Town of St. Thomas had to raise $4500 to bring team home
  • Team banned from CHA play, later overturned by WOJAHL
  • Team was fined $700 by WOJAHL
  • Coach Keith Kewly and Manager Jack Cassidy suspended one season by WOJAHL
  • CHA begins negotiations with CAHA
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