1968 Turnbull Cup
MJHL St. James Canadians 4
CMJHL Selkirk Steelers 2

Results[edit | edit source]

Game Visitors Goals Home Team Goals
1 Selkirk Steelers 5 St. James Canadians 4
2 St. James Canadians 8 Selkirk Steelers 7
3 Selkirk Steelers 4 St. James Canadians 6
4 St. James Canadians 2 Selkirk Steelers 3
5 Selkirk Steelers 2 St. James Canadians 9
6 St. James Canadians 9 Selkirk Steelers 3

Game 1[edit | edit source]

The Steelers, showing of the effects of a 10-day lay-off, had troubles nailing down the win. Starting the contest with a well organized team effort that paid off to the tune of three goals in the first 10 minutes. The Canadians struck back for one before the first period was over, and out scored Selkirk 3-2 in the first half-of the second. St. James controlled the play for the remainder of the match as Selkirk slowed down and became disorganized. The Canadians outshot the Steelers 32-20 over the final 40 minutes, but Selkirk netminder Frank Munn got hotter as the game progressed. Bob Bayes scored the first two Selkirk goals and Bob Hogg, Brian Argue and Willie McLeod followed with singles. Warren Harrison, Andy Hellemond, Jim Ballance and Brian Harding took care of the St. James scoring.

Game 2[edit | edit source]

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